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Thai Airways Airlines

Thai Airways travels to 11 domestic destinations within Thailand including Bangkok. No other airline covers Asia in the way Thai Airways does, with over 1,000 flights a week to Asia's major cities. It is the largest carrier in the region. When clubbed with its airline partners in the Star Alliance, Thai Airways has the whole world covered. Travel classes comprise a variety of one, two and three-cabin arrangements including Royal First Class, Royal Silk Class (Business Class) and Economy Class.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the in-flight entertainment options offered by Thai Airways? By Devalatha on May 19,2018
    Passengers get a large personal screen where they can watch unlimited movies, TV Series, music, news, games and other programs for in-flight entertainment. They can also surf the web with THAI Sky Connect on selected flights. By Zashil on May 19,2018
  • What items are restricted on Thai Airways flights? By Priyanka on May 18,2018
    For the safety of your journey, some items classified in categories such as explosives, gases, flammable solids, and toxic and infectious substances are not allowed. For further information on the items that are not allowed in baggage and hand luggage, you can go to Thai Airways’ official website. By Dhaval on May 18,2018
  • What items are restricted on Thai Airways flights? By Satrijit on May 17,2018
    For the safety of your journey, some items classified in categories such as explosives, gases, flammable solids, and toxic and infectious substances are not allowed. For further information on the items that are not allowed in baggage and hand luggage, you can go to Thai Airways’ official website. By Ashis on May 17,2018
  • Where can I find special offers and deals? By Ruchitha on May 16,2018
    You can find special offer and deals at Yatrcom. Apart from that, you can also sign up for newsletters of different travel sites, collect coupons from social networking sites and use them to get attractive offers. By Satyavrat on May 16,2018
  • Does Thai Airways Offers Unaccompanied Minor service? By Gharshit on May 15,2018
    Yes, Thai Airways offer Unaccompanied Minor service for children between the age of 5 to 17 years. Just contact Thai Airways and make a special request and pay the required amount. The airlines will make sure a comfortable journey for your child. However, there are some terms and conditions on selected flights and airports. To know more about it, visit Thai Airways official website. By Sutanuka on May 15,2018
  • How do I book a flight with multiple destinations? By Sidak on May 14,2018
    You can easily book your multiple destination flights online. You can either book the flight from Thai Airways’s official website by using the Multi City option on the homepage or can choose Yatrcom. By Bela on May 14,2018
  • How do I upgrade my flight? By Reshma on May 13,2018
    You can upgrade your flight via your rewards on Thai Airways’ website. In addition, you can also upgrade your flight at the airport before departure too. For more information, you can contact THAI Reservations via call or mail. By Agrata on May 13,2018
  • Can I cancel or make changes to my flight? By Vaishali on May 12,2018
    Yes, you can easily make changes or even cancel your flight operated by Thai Airways. To make the change in the flight online, click on the “Manage my booking” tab on the homepage of Thai Airways’ 0fficial website. To know more, visit the official website or contact the Thai Airways’ customer care center. By Sampriti on May 12,2018
  • How much do I pay for excess baggage? By Gayak on May 11,2018
    Mostly, the charges that you have to pay for excess baggage depends on the factors such as weight, destination and flight. Hence, to know the accurate amount, check the list on the official website of Thai Airways. By Hemen on May 11,2018
  • How can I make a reservation for someone else? By Chandravathi on May 10,2018
    To make a reservation for someone else, you just need to fill the accurate details of the respective passenger while booking the flight. By Jasveer on May 10,2018
  • Can I travel with my pet? By Shefalika on May 09,2018
    You can take your domestic pets like dogs, cats, rabbits as checked baggage. Thai Airways allows guide dogs and assistance dogs for differently-abled passengers on selected flights. To get detailed information, contact the customer care. By Vayunand on May 09,2018
  • What are the Airport Check-in Rules for Thai Airways? By Devangana on May 08,2018
    Check-in rules vary as per the airports, but you are advised to reach the airport at least 3 hours prior to the scheduled departure. You must also carry all your travel documents such as passport, tickets and travel visTo know more about the check-in rules, contact Thai Airways. By Jivika on May 08,2018
  • What should I do if my flight is cancelled? By Saptanshu on May 07,2018
    In case your flight gets cancelled due to some issues, Thai Airways will either offer you another flight to reach your destination or a refund. For more information about flight cancellations, go through the official website of Thai Airways. By Atmaja on May 07,2018
  • Can I hold on to a reservation without payment? By Karnik on May 06,2018
    Yes, you can hold on to a reservation without payment for 24 hours without fee at Thai Airways. However, this will not be applied on a domestic journey, special fares and journey starting from Japan and IndonesiYatrcom also offers this service with its Hold For Free (HFF) option that allows you to hold a reservation without paying the amount. You can pay the price later within a specific time frame. By Vijayant on May 06,2018
  • Is Instant Airport Upgrade Available for Thai Airways Flight? By Kushala on May 05,2018
    Yes, you can get an instant airport upgrade for Thai Airways flight. However, that upgrade will depend on your eligibility and the availability on the flight. By Suhina on May 05,2018
  • How can I check the lowest fare available for Thai Airways Flight? By Mahitha on May 04,2018
    To check the lowest fare available for Thai Airways flight, you can go toYatrcomand use its toolLowest Fare Finder. In addition, you can also use the exciting deals and discounts available on the website. By Gunin on May 04,2018
  • Can I select the desired meal option before boarding the flight? By Rani on May 03,2018
    Yes, you can easily select the desired meal option via the official website of Thai Airways. However, you must make the meal reservations at least 24 hours before the flight departure. By Hiranmay on May 03,2018
  • Which are the cheapest Thai Airways routes? By Sannath on May 02,2018
    Fly from Kolkata to Bangkok for Rs. 11,436. You can book a flight fromBangkok to Kuala Lumpurat Rs. 6,344 and get a discount of up to Rs. 1000 if you pay via the Yatra wallet.Cheap air ticketsare available between Singapore and Malaysia for Rs. 2,004 only. By Parinita on May 02,2018
  • Does Thai Airways offer web check-in? By Dakshesh on May 01,2018
    Yes, Thai Airways offersweb check-in. By Dharamdev on May 01,2018
  • Does Thai Airways offer online seat preference reservation? By Kunti on Apr 30,2018
    Advance seat reservations are not applicable ondomestic flightsacross all class of services. By Badriprasad on Apr 30,2018
  • How many destinations does Thai Airways fly to and how big is the fleet? By Jayadeep on Apr 29,2018
    Thai Airwaysflies to 74 destinations across 31 countries and has a fleet with more than 90 aircraft. By Kaandhal on Apr 29,2018
  • What is the most expensive time of the year to book Bangalore to Singapore flight? By Ramkishore on Apr 28,2018
    The period from February to April is the most expensive time of the year to book a Bangalore to Singapore flight as it is the peak tourist season. By Naveen on Apr 28,2018
  • What are some reasons why I should fly with Thai Airways? By Ronav on Apr 28,2018
    Besides being a founding member of the STAR alliance, Thai Airways has won global accolades right from the beginning. It is one among three airlines chosen for the World’s Best Airport Services 2017 and the Best Economy Class Airline Seats. By Kirat on Apr 28,2018
  • Does Thai Airways have a frequent flyer program? By Shafeeq on Apr 27,2018
    Yes, the Royal Orchid Plus is theairline’sfrequent flyer programme which has over two million members. By Paramartha on Apr 27,2018
  • What are the few good hotels near the Hong Kong airport? By Anoushka on Apr 27,2018
    Regal Airport Hotel, Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel, Novotel Citygate Hong Kong By Meru on Apr 27,2018
  • What amenities are available when booking a flight with Thai Airways? By Tanuja on Apr 26,2018
    You can enjoy online booking, seat selection, web check-in, pre-ordering special meals, pre-book wheelchairs and unaccompanied minor service. You can avail of lounges and spas depending on the destination and also transport your pets with ease and check the Thai Airways flight status as and when required. By Kalandhika on Apr 26,2018
  • What are the ways of commutation from Singapore airport to the main city? By Pradyot on Apr 25,2018
    You can commute via the shuttle service available from the airport, cabs and taxis or the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit). By Sudarshana on Apr 25,2018
  • Name some of the key routes served by Thai Airways. By Swetaketu on Apr 25,2018
    Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi to Hong Kong, Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi to Seoul-Incheon,Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi to Chiang Maai, and Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi to Phuket are a few of the key routes. By Ikshitha on Apr 25,2018
  • Is web check-in an option that Thai Airways offers passengers? What are the benefits? By Madhu on Apr 24,2018
    Yes,Thai Airwaysoffers you the choice of web check-in from 24 hours before the flight up until 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. This enables the airlines to check-in around 99 people simultaneously. You can also find information about the Thai Airways flight status, baggage allowance as well as special meals during your journey. By Vishnumaya on Apr 24,2018
  • What would be the price of an economy class Thai Airways ticket from Mumbai to Paris? By Manjistha on Apr 23,2018
    Prices can vary depending on the season and other factors. The approximate cost of a non-refundable economy class round trip ticket from Mumbai to Paris will be around INR 60,000. By Khush on Apr 23,2018
  • What is the local currency in Hong Kong? By Kalyani on Apr 23,2018
    The local currency is Hong Kong Dollar (HK $). By Amba on Apr 23,2018
  • Does Thai Airways offer Wi-Fi services on all its flights? By Sugriva on Apr 22,2018
    No, there is no Wi-Fi service over China and IndiThai SkyConnect provides Wi-Fi services on all other Airbus crafts in the fleet and you can pay the fees with a credit card or debit card. By Sugouri on Apr 22,2018
  • What amenities are available to Premium travelers on Thai Airways? By Nagarjun on Apr 21,2018
    Besides a pillow and blanket, Premium travelers are provided slippers, comfort wear, a designer travel kit, hot towel, vintage champagne at take-off, and a choice of cuisines including Thai, Oriental, and Western. Premium travelers also get access to exclusive lounges of Thai Airways and its partners across the globe. By Pitambar on Apr 21,2018
  • How can I go about checking my Thai Airways flight status? By Gurpreet on Apr 20,2018
    To know about yourThai Airways flight status, first log on to http://www.thaiairways.com/en_IN/index.page? Locate the ‘Home’ tab and choose the ‘Flight Info’ option. Just enter the required details such as place of origin, destination, date, time, and flight number before you click on ‘Check Flight’. By Amshula on Apr 20,2018
  • What is the best time to book cheap Kolkata to Bangkok flights? By Maheshwar on Apr 19,2018
    Yes, Hahn Air offers 1 flight on this route.The Kolkata to Bangkok flight fare of an Economy Class in this airline is around Rs.17,000. By Manika on Apr 19,2018
  • What is the earliest non-stop airline on this route? By Chandramouli on Apr 19,2018
    Thai Airways International operates a non-stopDelhi to Bangkok flightat 12:20 am, which is the earliest one. By Satrijit on Apr 19,2018
  • What happens if my Thai Airways flight status shows cancelled? By Rajkumar on Apr 19,2018
    IfThai Airways flight statusshows cancelled and you have a valid reservation with Thai Airways, you are entitled to re-routing, care, and refund/compensation. By Suvrata on Apr 19,2018
  • What do I do if I have not received any emails or text messages about my Thai Airways flight status? By Madhuksara on Apr 18,2018
    You can check yourThai Airways flight statusand related information 24/7 by dialing 1566 in Bangkok or (02)1566 from elsewhere in Thailand. Just follow the instructions to get your flight details. By Sanath on Apr 18,2018
  • Which cuisine should one try when in Hong Kong? By Seemanti on Apr 18,2018
    You must try palatable local cuisine like roasted duck, dim sums and seafood at the roadside stalls as well as 5 star restaurants. By Iyad on Apr 18,2018
  • In case of Thai Airways flight status showing cancelled, how will I communicate change in my travel plans to my family or work associates since I do not have international calling facility on my phone? By Nrip on Apr 17,2018
    In the event of Thai Airways flight status showing cancelled, Thai Airways will provide you the option of making two telephone calls, or sending two short faxes or e-mails. By Thirumal on Apr 17,2018
  • What kind of food is available in economy class flights of Thai Airways? By Abdul-Waahid on Apr 16,2018
    Fresh salads, breads, desserts, wines, beverages, and spirits are served alongside the main course on every flight. Special meals can be pre-ordered before boarding. By Kumkum on Apr 16,2018
  • How do I obtain my Mobile Boarding Pass from Thai Airways? By Amalesh on Apr 15,2018
    You can access the official Thai Airways website from any of your internet devices and complete the formalities. Then, you can get a pint out of your boarding pass or save it on your portable device. This facility can be availed of for multiple passengers too. By Angad on Apr 15,2018
  • Does Thai Airways permit guide dogs on board? By Vibhor on Apr 14,2018
    Yes, Thai Airways permits guide dogs for the blind on board at no extra charge. But the airline has to be intimated about this in advance and the due processes of quarantine and documentation have to be completed. By Neer on Apr 14,2018
  • Which is the earliest Mumbai to Bangkok non-stop flight? By Ayushmati on Apr 13,2018
    The Bangkok Airways PG-734 is the earliest non-stopMumbai to Bangkok flight. By Jayamala on Apr 13,2018
  • What are the services that are available for pre-booking on Thai Airways? By Ramkishore on Apr 13,2018
    Unaccompanied minor service that does not involve overnight stops or stopovers of more than six hours as well as wheelchairs qualify for pre-booking onThai Airways. By Chahana on Apr 13,2018
  • When a Thai Airways flight status shows cancelled, what type of compensation is issued? By Savitashri on Apr 12,2018
    When a Thai Airways flight status shows cancelled, compensation can be paid in cash, cheque, or transfer, or with the passenger’s agreement, in form of vouchers. The amount will depend on the distance of the scheduled or alternative flight offered. By Sharang on Apr 12,2018
  • Which are the best shopping locations in Hong Kong? By Yeshas on Apr 12,2018
    Shop your heart out at Temple Street Night Market, Central District for upscale shopping, Causeway Bay (the shopping mecca), Mong Kok (the busiest shopping location), Tsim Sha Tsui (luxury shopping) and Sham Sui Po (for electronic items). By Arumugan on Apr 12,2018
  • What will I do if my Thai Airways flight status has suddenly changed to cancelled and there is a delay in finding an alternative? By Shrihari on Apr 11,2018
    Thai Airways gives you the assurance that in case your Thai Airways flight status shows as cancelled and you have a valid reservation, and there is a significant delay before your alternative flight boards, you will be provided with hotel accommodation inclusive of transfer costs. Meals and refreshments will also be providing in reasonable relation to the waiting time. By Dhara on Apr 11,2018
  • Does Thai Airways offer free meal in non-stop flights from Delhi to Bangkok? By Sujaya on Apr 10,2018
    Yes,Thai Airwaysoffer free meal in non-stop flights from Delhi to Bangkok. By Tanika on Apr 10,2018
  • Does Thai Airways operate flights to New Zealand from India? What is the time difference between the two nations? By Dhuthi on Apr 10,2018
    Yes, Thai Airways flies from New Delhi, India, to Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealand is 7.5 hours ahead of Indi By Chatura on Apr 10,2018
  • What is the Hong Kong Audio Tour and what all are included in the tour? By Vishalakshi on Apr 10,2018
    The Hong Kong Audio Tour is a self-guided tour that takes you through the English history of Hong Kong, its turbulence, certain fascinating areas that include museums and parks, and enjoy its holistic culture. By Anusri on Apr 10,2018

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