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    • Lowest fare for passenger with hand baggage only.
    • No free check-in baggage allowance.
    • The hand baggage only fare will be available on most direct domestic flights(including via flights), with minimum 15 days advanced purchase. Connecting flights are not included.
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Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines provides comfortable economy seats with adequate legroom and special meals as per requirement. Audio and video on demand is provided with a lot of entertainment options for young and old passengers, with live TV and game packs. The suites are luxurious with friendly staff offering exclusive Turkish hospitality.

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Q. Which are the cheapest Turkish Airlines routes?
A. Fares start at Rs. 31,084 when you fly from Delhi to Istanbul. In the Mumbai - Istanbul sector, tickets are available at the price of Rs. 26,695. Istanbul reaches out to London on cheap air-tickets priced at Rs. 3,813 only.

Q. What is the baggage limit for Turkish Airlines for domestic routes including cabin baggage?
A. Turkish Airlines does not serve the Indian domestic sector.

Q. What is the baggage limit for Turkish Airlines for international routes including cabin baggage?
A. Luggage allowance on Turkish Airlines depends upon the destination and class of travel. You can check-in 2 pieces of baggage in Economy which can together weigh up to 23 kg (as per piece concept). One piece of cabin baggage (which can weigh up to 8 kg) is allowed in the cabin.

Q. Does Turkish Airlines offer web check-in?
A. Yes, Turkish Airlines offers web check-in facilities.

Q. Does Turkish Airlines offer online seat preference reservation?
A. Yes, Turkish Airlines offers online seat preference reservation for a fee (on mainline operated flights).

Q. How can one avail the facility of Turkish Airlines web check-in?
A. In order to avail the facility of Turkish Airlines web check-in, passengers have to visit website of the airline and click "Check-In/Manage booking" tab in the main navigation menu. Then, they have to enter their passenger username and ticket number or reservation code and proceed forward.

Q. Is it possible to enter the airport using the Turkish Airlines web check-in boarding pass?
A. Yes, it is possible to enter the airport using the Turkish Airlines web check-in boarding pass and select the preferred seat from 24 hours up to 90 minutes prior to the departure time. However, passengers are required to carry a photo ID card and a copy of e-ticket/boarding pass to enter the airport.

Q. What is the maximum limit of free checked–in baggage allowance on Turkish Airlines?
A. The maximum limit of free checked-in Turkish Airlines baggage allowance on an international economy classes flight is 20 kg per adult or child. The maximum limit of free checked-in Turkish Airlines baggage allowance on an international business flight is 30 kg per adult per child.

Q. What are the formalities required for adding extra baggage online on Turkish Airlines?
A. To add extra Turkish Airlines baggage online, passengers have to visit the website of the airline and click ‘check-in/manage booking’. Further, they have to enter the passenger name and ticket number or reservation code. After filling up the aforementioned details, select the ‘right arrow’ tab to proceed further.

Q. Is it possible to carry camping gear including tent as checked-in baggage on Turkish Airlines?
A. Yes, as long as the baggage allowance is not exceeded, it is possible to carry camping gear consisting of the outer tent, metal poles and apparatus as checked-in Turkish Airlines baggage according to the charges specified.

Q. Can I make a booking for a child traveling alone on Turkish Airlines?
A. Yes, Turkish Airlines flight booking can be done for a child aged between seven and 12. Turkish Airlines will provide unaccompanied minor service to assist the children. However, a parent or guardian is required to complete a signed form at the point of check-in at each departure point prior to travel.

Q. What are the suitable payment methods to pay for a Turkish Airlines flight booking?
A. Turkish Airlines flight booking can be done by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Carte Blue or CartaSi credit card on the Turkish Airlines website. One can also pay by choosing ‘Ticket by Office’ option and make payment in airlines’ offices by using other credit cards like JCB, Air Travel Card-UATP and Prestige.

Q. What are some offers that people can avail during Turkish Airlines flight booking?
A. Yatra is a leading online travel company that offers cash backs, refund and cancellation facility along with discounted deals on Turkish Airlines flight booking.

Q. How can one keep a track of Turkish Airlines flight status?
A. Passengers can refer to the official website to keep a track of Turkish Airlines flight status and schedule.

Q. How long do we have to be at the airport to check-in before an international Turkish Airlines flight departure?
A. Before an international Turkish Airlines flight departure, it is recommended that customers should report for check-in at least 2 hours prior to the departure of the scheduled flight.

Q. What is the earliest Turkish Airlines flight arrival time at Istanbul airport from Mumbai?
A. The earliest Turkish Airlines flight arrival time at Istanbul airport from Mumbai is 11:35 am.

Q. What are the most popular international routes of Turkish Airlines?
A. Delhi to Istanbul and Mumbai to Istanbul are the two international Turkish Airlines popular routes of Turkish Airlines.

Q. How many cities does Turkish Airlines serve?
A. Turkish Airlines flies to 225 international destinations in 117 countries.

Q. Is it possible to carry pets on a Turkish Airlines flight?
A. Yes, according to Turkish Airlines pet policy, pets can fly either in-cabin or cargo in compliant carriers or crates.

Q. What are the formalities to be completed in case of a stretcher requirement?
A. In such a scenario, the passengers have to place a request at least 10 days prior to the scheduled time of flight’s departure and provide a doctor’s report in Turkish or English stating that you are well enough to fly. Passengers who need to travel on a stretcher must travel with a companion, who will be charged separately for their ticket. The passenger will be charged five times the cost of an economy class ticket on the Turkish Airlines flight they are traveling on.

Q. How can one cancel the bookings made online on Turkish Airlines website?
A. In this situation, please visit the ‘contact us’ page of the Turkish Airlines website for details of how to get in touch with Turkish Airlines call center or one of its sales offices in order to get refund.

Q. What kind of entertainment facilities does Turkish Airlines offer?
A. Turkish Airlines offers planet digital entertainment system on specific aircrafts such as B777, A330, B737-900 and A340.

Q. Does Turkish Airlines offer Wi-Fi facility to the passengers?
A. Yes, Turkish Airlines offers Wi-Fi facility in its Boeing 777-300 ER type aircraft.

Q. Are there power outlets in Turkish Airlines flights?
A. Yes, Turkish Airlines has a USB outlet at each seat in economy class.

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      • N

        by Nitin on 2018-02-06

        Good airlines

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely
      • S

        by sandeep on 2018-02-05

        My flight was cancelled and its very bad experience on airport airline counter unable to tell us why the flight was cancelled they dont know the reason and they also dont know at what time next flight will go. Its really really bad experience..

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Neither likely nor unlikely
      • Z

        by Zenia on 2018-01-30

        TURKISH AIRLINES doesnt respect what they say in their slogan. They disnt respect my flight timing , plus the due to the delay I had to stay in the airport with my infant for more than 24 hrs without the proper service of hotel for my Indian citicen child, and no food suply for during my waiting in the airport. Plus no proper acomodation in the resting room from Istanbul airport due to the employees weren't informing customers about the services . This was my first and last time I travel with this airline. I had a very horrible frustruating experience and dealing with the rude and grotesk behavior from the employees of the turkish airline company. I will make sure to spread the word to my relatives and friends , and all the people who ask me of this experience . Please check how countries like USA and their companies give compensatiion to their customers when ever there is a problem. Thanks

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Very unlikely
      • K

        by Kartic on 2018-01-29

        As I wheel chair bound passenger, it was very sad to see that we (the wheelchair pax) were boarded last at Istanbul, on our way back. When the aircraft is packed, it becomes so much more difficult. Also, the seat given was window or middle of the rows, never aisle, which is what should be given by default for pax with disabilities. Very insensitive of Turkish Airways.

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly unlikely
      • E

        by Ekta on 2018-01-25

        Thanks for great customer service.

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely
      • B

        by Bharat on 2018-01-11

        Good and efficient service from staff at Yatra and British Airways.

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely
      • E

        by Eesha bansal on 2018-01-10

        The volume of the speakers on the flights was too loud and very annoying to hear the multiple announcements from the crew the entire time

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Neither likely nor unlikely
      • K

        by Kassim on 2017-12-29

        We had cancelled the return journey and was told we will get a refund from the airline. There was no refund and No communication from the team regarding any refund application to the airline.

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Very unlikely
      • Y

        by Yogesh on 2017-12-27

        One of my bag is damaged and wasn't handled properly. Its torn from many places.

        "Would you recommend this to others" - Neither likely nor unlikely
      • P

        by Palash Dey on 2017-02-12


        "Would you recommend this to others" - Neither likely nor unlikely