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Uzbekistan Airways Flight Status

About Uzbekistan Airways

Uzbekistan Airways, established in January 1992, is the national carrier of Uzbekistan. The operating hub of Uzbekistan Airways is at Tashkent International Airport, connecting various domestic and international destinations from this point Uzbekistan Airways operates flights to 40 plus destinations in Europe, America, Asia, and Japan. The airways adhere to the principle of safety, stability, and comfort, and offer their patrons the best-in-breed services. The airways provide engineering-technical services, module training, staff training, and many more services in the field of aviation.

Why should you choose Uzbekistan Airways?

Uzbekistan Airways offers excellent services both in-flight and on the ground. Passengers can opt to travel by business or economy class. The business class cabin is furnished with comfortable leather seats, adjustable footrest, 12 audio channels, travel kits, warm plaids, pillows, and iPads for entertainment. Travelers get to enjoy meat, fish, and vegetable snacks along with cheese, desserts, bread, baked products, hot and cold beverages, and a host of alcoholic drinks. The main course includes a variety of meat, chicken, and fish dishes. In economy class, the cabin is furnished with modern seats, individual reading lamps, and 12 audio channels. The meal menu includes a cold snack, vegetable snack, dessert, bread, wine, and hot and cold beverages.

There is plenty of onboard entertainment available on Uzbekistan Airways like music, movies, newspapers, and magazines. Passengers can charge their phones, tablets, and laptops from the 110 VAC plug point. Also, an option to plug-in a flash drive to view photos, movies, and more is given on the remote controlled 15-inch screen.

How do you check flight status for Uzbekistan Airways?

Flight status of any Uzbekistan Airways can be checked by using http://www.flightstats.com/go/FlightStatus/flightStatusByFlight.do? airline=Uzekistan+Airways&flightNumber=&departureDate=2017-10-01&x=48&y=17, by entering the flight number, airport, or the route option.

• For the By Flight option, enter the airline name, flight number, and departure date. The details like arrival time, departure time, and arrival gate number will be displayed.
• For the By Airport option, enter airport name, date, and time. Select departure or arrival and click on search. All details like destination, airline name, departure time, and status of the flight will be displayed.
• For the By Route option, enter departure airport and arrival airport names, and departure date. Click on search and all the details like airline name, departure time, arrival time, and status of the airline will be displayed.

What does the airline do in case of flight cancellation?

In case of flight cancellation, Uzbekistan Airways offers the best possible solution to its passengers. Some of the alternatives offered are mentioned below:

• Passengers will receive full refund of the paid ticket without any deduction of tax or fees.
• Passengers will be offered an alternate transport option at the earliest, either on the same scheduled day or the next day.
• No extra charges or fees will be charged for the new offered ticket either with the same airline or another airline.

Key routes of Uzbekistan Airways

Tashkent to Zarafshan, Tashkent to Navoi, Tashkent to Almaty, and Tashkent to Dubai are some of the key routes of Uzbekistan Airways. What are the benefits of booking with Uzbekistan Airways?

Uzbekistan Airways constantly strives for excellent services, be it regarding technology and comfort. Here are some benefits of flying with the airline:

• CIP Hall- At international airports like Tashkent, Nukus, Navoi, Bukhara, and Samarkand, a dedicated CIP hall service is provided for business class passengers. Departing and arriving passengers can exclusively check-in for flight, pass through customs, and passport control, without standing in the common queue at the airport.
• Delicious Food- The food quality of onboard meal provided on Uzbekistan Airways is excellent. Passengers can select from the various options like Asian Vegetarian, Indian meal, Muslim meal, strict vegetarian meal, vegetarian (without dairy products), kosher meal, and special kids menu. The food is regularly checked for quality and hygiene.
• Quality Entertainment Choices- Business class passengers can make use of a personal iPad, which is provided free of charge. Also, a remote controlled 15-inch individual digital screen is given for unlimited entertainment to the other passengers. Passengers can listen to music, watch movies, and even enjoy their own photos from their flash drive. Besides this, passengers can also play video games on the modern multimedia eX2 entertainment system.


Q. What happens if I don't receive an email or SMS text alert on my flight status?
You can get in touch with Uzbekistan Airways through following ways:

• Call at the customer support number (998 71) 140-02-00
• Drop an email at info@uzairways.com

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