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    • Lowest fare for passenger with hand baggage only.
    • No free check-in baggage allowance.
    • The hand baggage only fare will be available on most direct domestic flights(including via flights), with minimum 15 days advanced purchase. Connecting flights are not included.
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Q. How many Wideroe Airlines flights operate daily?
A. Wideroe Airlines operates about 450 flights daily.

Q. Which are the cheapest Wideroe Airlines routes?
A. Travel to Aberdeen from Bergen for about INR 9,800. It is easy to reach Oslo from London as tickets cost only INR 4,900. Fares between Bergen and Oslo stand at about INR 7,600. Return tickets to Oslo from Copenhagen are available at about INR 13, 400. Reach New York from Oslo with return fare costing only about INR 12, 250.

Q. What is the baggage limit for Wideroe Airlines for domestic routes including cabin baggage?
A. Luggage allowance on Wideroe Airlines depends on the class you’re traveling in:

• On Economy you can carry one piece of cabin luggage which should not weigh more than 8 kg. You can check-in one piece of baggage which should be within 23 kg. Youth tickets also enjoy these same privileges.
• On Full Flex and Flex your hand baggage can weigh up to 8 kg. You are allowed 2 pieces of checked-in baggage, each of which can weigh up to 23 kg. Senior citizens also enjoy these same benefits.

Q. What is the baggage limit for Wideroe Airlines for international routes including cabin baggage?
A. The baggage allowance on Wideroe Airlines in the international sector is the same as in the domestic sector.

Q. Does Wideroe Airlines offer web check-in?
A. Yes, Wideroe Airlines offers web check-in.

Q. Does Wideroe Airlines offer online seat reservation?
A. No, Wideroe Airlines does not currently offer online seat reservations.