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Book your flight tickets from Bengaluru to Dubai at lowest airfare through Yatra. Get best offers on international flight bookings when you fly from Bengaluru to Dubai. Also Check flight schedule, status and low cost airlines for Dubai to Bengaluru flight.



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Bangalore to Dubai Cheapest Flight Fare

Bangalore Dubai Cheap Flights Airfare Departure Date Airline
Todays Lowest Fare Rs 33,690 26 May 20 Srilankan airlines Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 30 days Rs 8,326 21 June 20 Gulf Air Book Now

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What do I need to know for my first flight abroad from Bangalore to Dubai? By Vasava on Nov 26,2018
    A: The important things you need to know are: · Always carry your important documents like a valid ID, Passport, Visa and other related travel documents ., · The trip should be well planned and required resources should be available at hand., · The Indian rupee is non-functional in Dubai, therefore have the money converted by the customs at airports., · Call rates are often exorbitant. Activate an international roaming pack or you could also purchase a local SIM or a calling card. , · Keep enough cash with you as cash is accepted everywhere. Carry an international debit card or a credit card. By Arinjay on Nov 26,2018
  • Q: What is the timing of the earliest and the last flight on the Bangalore to Dubai route? By Abhi on Nov 24,2018
    A: The earliest flight on the Bangalore to Dubai route is at 00:30 IST in the morning and the last flight on this route runs at 23:05 IST at night. By Phoolan on Nov 24,2018
  • Q: What is the maximum baggage weight permissible for Bangalore to Dubai flight? By Indrani on Nov 22,2018
    A: The limit to the weight of baggage that can be carried per passenger varies from airlines to airlines, ranging from 5-7kgs for handbags and 15-30 kg for luggage. For accurate details, check the details provided by the airlines you want to travel with. By Safia on Nov 22,2018
  • Q: Can I leave the airport to sightsee another city while there is a layover during the Bangalore to Dubai flight journey? By Chhaya on Nov 20,2018
    A: You can leave the airport premises during a layover of the flight from Bangalore to Dubai, only if you are in Indian cities. If you leave the airport for cities like Colombo and Muscat, you have to go through the customs and only then you can leave the airport. By Chirag on Nov 20,2018
  • Q: What are some water-based activities that one can indulge in Dubai? By Neeraf on Nov 18,2018
    A: Experience the Shark Encounter at the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. Dive with sharks and witness the thrill of watching them at such close quarters. You can also snorkel in the blue lagoon, jet ski at the Dubai Marina or go for a stand-up paddle excursion. By Arghya on Nov 18,2018
  • Q: Between which airports do the flights from Bangalore to Dubai run? By Vajradhar on Nov 16,2018
    A: The flights from Bangalore to Dubai run from Bengaluru Airport (Bangalore) to Dubai International Airport (Dubai). By Vasur on Nov 16,2018
  • Q: What are some delicacies in Dubai that are a must-try? By Sumedh on Nov 14,2018
    A: Al Harees, Shawarma, Hummus, Manousheh are some of the the widely famed delicacies from Dubai. Khanfaroosh and Knafeh are considered as great desserts. For the street food enthusiasts, Shish Tawook and Taboon Bread are well-known to tingle your taste buds with a unique flavour. By Parinita on Nov 14,2018
  • Q: How to book the tickets for Bangalore to Dubai at lower prices? By Maheshwar on Nov 12,2018
    A: The tickets can be bought at lower prices if you plan your journeys in advance. The farther the date of journey, the cheaper the prices are. The closer the date, the pricier they become. The Bangalore to Dubai flights with more than one stoppage are usually cheaper but consume time.Opt for flexible dates. In this way, you can keep tabs on the prices and book for the day when it gets cheapest. Look out for offers and promotions. The airlines provide many discounts timely for their customers such as frequent flyers mileage points etc. By Jainand on Nov 12,2018
  • Q: What is the average duration of the flights from Bangalore to Dubai? By Theenash on Nov 10,2018
    A: The time taken by a flight from Bangalore to Dubai is different for variable flights. The non-stop Bangalore to Dubai flight time takes about 3 hours 40 minutes, whereas depending upon the number of stoppages, the travel time increases significantly. Due to stoppages and layoffs, some flights have a travel time of more than 9 hours. By Arvind on Nov 10,2018
  • Q: What are the documents a passenger should carry when aboard a Bangalore to Dubai flight? By Ananta on Nov 08,2018
    A: The documents that one should carry while travelling on a Bangalore to Dubai flight are: · A valid passport issued by the authority of the passenger’s nation., · A Visa stamped by the Embassy of United Arab Emirates prior to your visit to the city., · Travel insurance will be of great help in case of an emergency., · Boarding pass/online ticket., · Also, carry proof of accommodation/Hotel booking. By Samin on Nov 08,2018
  • Q: What in-flight facilities are provided by the airlines on the Bangalore -Dubai flight route? By Susita on Nov 06,2018
    A: The airlines provide a number of facilities and amenities to the passengers on board the Bangalore to Dubai flight. All of these include: on flight meals (in some flights, all meals are charged separately, in others free), entertainment and Wi-Fi on demand. For specific details, it is suggested to review the flight inclusions before you make a booking. By Tatini on Nov 06,2018
  • Q: What are the documents needed to hire a car in Dubai? By Champika on Nov 04,2018
    A: A credit card with your domestic and international driver’s license is needed if you are looking to hire a car in Dubai. It is ideal to travel by public transport due to traffic congestions. By Jithya on Nov 04,2018
  • Q: What are the souvenirs that are indigenous to Dubai? By Jonathan on Nov 02,2018
    A: From the markets in Dubai, you can buy camel milk chocolates, gulf dates, Persian rugs and carpets, Arabic ittars( perfumes) and the Arabic milk/ coffee pots as a gift for your friends and family. By Divjot on Nov 02,2018
  • Q: How much is the average fare for the Economy Class seats in Bangalore to Dubai flights?What factors does it depend on? By Ashutosh on Oct 31,2018
    A: The fares of the economic class seats vary from day to day. The average fare for Bangalore to Dubai flight is approximately Rs. 14,08 Flight costs may also vary due to the number of stoppages and the services provided by the airlines. By Mahajabeen on Oct 31,2018
  • Q: What is the total number of flights connecting the city of Bangalore to Dubai? By Kumari on Oct 29,2018
    A: There are around 30 flights operating daily from Bangalore to Dubai. Majority of the flights have a stoppage in between. A few flights run non-stop between the cities. By Satyendra on Oct 29,2018
  • Q: How big is the indoor ski resort in Dubai? By Ramkishore on Oct 27,2018
    A: Ski Resort has almost 22,500 suare meters of indoor ski are It is the part of the mall of the Emirates, one of the largest shopping malls in the world. By Hemant on Oct 27,2018
  • Q: List some eating joints at Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore. By Zuhayr on Oct 25,2018
    A: Taste India, Tiffin Express, La Tapenade, Chai Point, KFC, 7 Tawas, Puro Gusto are some of the well-known eating joints at Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore. By Anandita on Oct 25,2018
  • Q: Does SpiceJet offer standby flight ticket from Bangalore to Delhi? By Janardan on Oct 23,2018
    A: No, SpiceJet doesn’t offer stand-by flight ticket to its customers as all bookings must be done on the confirm basis. By Azeez on Oct 23,2018
  • Q: What is the code for Kempegowda International Airport Bangalore and Dubai International Airport? By Tufan on Oct 21,2018
    A: The code for Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore is BLR and for Dubai International Airport is DXB. By Renit on Oct 21,2018
  • Q: Is there any Japanese restaurant in Dubai? If yes, then name some of them. By Hansa on Oct 19,2018
    A: Yes, Dubai has several Japanese restaurants such as TOMO, Wagamama, Miyabi Sushi & Bento and a lot more. Book Bangalore to Dubai flight today and savour some tempting Japanese delicacies. By Vanathi on Oct 19,2018
  • Q: Can I enjoy champagne and vintage wines in business class of Emirates flight from Bangalore to Dubai? Will I have to pay extra charge for the same? By Naina on Oct 17,2018
    A: Yes, travellers can enjoy champagne and vintage wines in the business class of Emirates Bangalore to Dubai flights. This is a complimentary service and thus you don’t need not to pay any extra charge. By Hemang on Oct 17,2018
  • Q: List out some beaches in Dubai for viewing an amazing sunset. By Jahanara on Oct 15,2018
    A: Sunset Beach and Jumeirah Beach are the two famous beaches for viewing amazing sunset in Dubai. Book Bangalore to Dubai cheap flight ticket and enjoy unparalleled views of these beautiful beaches. By Ishika on Oct 15,2018
  • Q: How to reach Bangalore Airport? By Isha on Oct 13,2018
    A: Bangalore International Airport is located 40 km from the city and is properly connected to public transport. It can be easily reached by taking an airport taxi, app-based taxi, car rentals and intercity airport bus service. By Shoubhit on Oct 13,2018
  • Q: Is online check-in available for Emirates flight from Bangalore to Dubai? If yes, then let me know the time window for the same. By Inesh on Oct 09,2018
    A: Yes, online check-in is available for Emirates flights on Bangalore to Dubai route. It is available 48 hours before the Bangalore to Dubai flight time and closes 90 minutes before the final departure. By Kavana on Oct 09,2018
  • Q: What is the name of the Bangalore Airport? How far is it located from the city centre? By Saffar on Oct 07,2018
    A: The complete name of Bangalore airport is Kempegowda International Airport. This airport is located almost 40 km north of the city. By Swaha on Oct 07,2018
  • Q: Please tell me the details reuired to check IndiGo Bangalore to Dubai flight status. By Abhinandana on Oct 05,2018
    A: IndiGo Bangalore to Dubai flight status can be easily checked by entering the flight details such as origin, destination, flight number and PNR number. By Narendra on Oct 05,2018
  • Q: What is Emirates Bangalore to Dubai flight duration? By Viveka on Oct 03,2018
    A: Emirates Bangalore to Dubai flight duration is 3 hours and 40 minutes. By Gurudeep on Oct 03,2018
  • Q: What is the ideal time to explore the beauty of Dubai? By Harshitha on Oct 01,2018
    A: Dubai is one of the world’s hottest cities and thus experience extremely hot climate in summers. Therefore, the ideal time to explore its beauty is the winter season i.e. from November to February. By Inderjeet on Oct 01,2018
  • Q: Let me know the total number of flights that take off from Bangalore to Dubai every week. By Vikern on Sep 29,2018
    A: As per Bangalore to Dubai flight schedule, around 70 flights take off from Bangalore to Dubai every week. By Rasbihari on Sep 29,2018
  • Q: What is the most breath-taking moment out of all while visiting Dubai? By Radheya on Sep 27,2018
    A: During one’s visit to Dubai, the thrilling view from the top of the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa, is the most breath-taking experience out of all. By Kayalvili on Sep 27,2018
  • Q: What are the opening and closing time of the Dubai Water Canal? By Sarita on Sep 25,2018
    A: The Dubai Water Canal opens at 2 m. and closes at 2:00 p.m. By Phalguni on Sep 25,2018
  • Q: Which traditional drinks should one try while visiting Dubai? By Rangitha on Sep 23,2018
    A: One should definitely try traditional drinks such as Jellab, amardeen, Tamar, Laban and Ayran. By Snehal on Sep 23,2018
  • Q: What kind of water sports can be done in Dubai’s Arabian Sea? By Acalesvara on Sep 21,2018
    A: One can do several exciting water sports in Dubai’s Arabian Sea such as kite surfing, jet skiing, sailing, fly boarding, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, parasailing and sea breaching. By Kuvalai on Sep 21,2018
  • Q: Which are the best beachside restaurants in Dubai? By Ram on Sep 19,2018
    A: Some of the best beachside restaurants in Dubai are Fish Beach Taverna, Jetty Lounge, Shimmers, Seven Sands and Barasti. By Shabalini on Sep 19,2018
  • Q: Can one do scuba diving in Dubai? By Rwiju on Sep 17,2018
    A: Yes, while diving into the sea, divers will be able to witness loads of shipwrecks along with rich marine life. By Netravati on Sep 17,2018
  • Q: Which are the popular beaches of Dubai? By Lakshmigopal on Sep 15,2018
    A: Some of the popular beaches in Dubai are Sunset Beach, Kite Beach and Black Palace Beach. By Hansika on Sep 15,2018
  • Q: Which are some of the best spas in Dubai? By Jeevika on Sep 13,2018
    A: Anjana Spa at Rixos The Palm, Talise Ottoman Spa at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, The Spa at Palace Downtown and Saray Spa at JW Marriott Maruis Dubai are some of the best spas in Dubai. By Kashmira on Sep 13,2018
  • Q: Which place is a must-visit for art enthusiasts? By Sharan on Sep 11,2018
    A: The Alserkal Art District is a must-visit place for art enthusiasts. This place comprises of around 20 art galleries. Some of the popular art galleries are Ayyam Gallery, The Third Line, Green Art Gallery and El Seed. By Rohtash on Sep 11,2018
  • Q: Which are the less-explored places in Dubai? By Prahlad on Sep 09,2018
    A: Places such as Bastakia or Old Dubai, Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House and Sheikh Obaid bin Thani House are some of the less-explored places in Dubai. By Abhirathi on Sep 09,2018
  • Q: Are there any racing tracks in Dubai? By Nirmit on Sep 07,2018
    A: Yes, Dubai has a purpose-built track known as the Dubai Autodrome. Dubai also has a dedicated racing track for racing karts which is known as the Kartdrome. By Niranjan on Sep 07,2018
  • Q: During which month the Dubai Grande Parade takes place? By Jivika on Sep 05,2018
    A: The Dubai Grande Parade takes place in the month of November. By Gurunadh on Sep 05,2018
  • Q: Are there any automobile museums in Dubai for car enthusiasts? By Shishir on Sep 03,2018
    A: Yes, Emirates National Auto Museum, Sharjah Classic Cars Museum are two automobile museums which house a variety of automobiles on public display. By Sucheta on Sep 03,2018
  • Q: Are there any interesting annual events in Dubai for automobile fans? By ADAM on Sep 01,2018
    A: Yes, events such as Dubai International Motor Show, Dubai Grande Parade, National Day Best Decorated Car Competition, Motor Village and Marues d' Elegance take place in Dubai, annually. By Jitesh on Sep 01,2018
  • Q: Are there any amusement parks in Dubai? By Padmaroopa on Aug 30,2018
    A: Yes, Dubai is home to a number of amusement parks such as Wild Wadi Waterpark, LEGOLAND amusement park and water park, Auaventure Waterpark, IMG Worlds of Adventure and Motiongate Dubai. By Acanda on Aug 30,2018
  • Q: Are there any museums to visit in Dubai? By Chimayi on Aug 28,2018
    A: Yes, the Dubai Museum is a magnificent museum which is situated in the Al-Fahidi Fort. By Samedh on Aug 28,2018
  • Q: What is the air distance covered by Bangalore to Dubai flights? By Iha on Aug 26,2018
    A: The Bangalore to Dubai flight distance is approximately 2,700 kilometres. By Ishana on Aug 26,2018
  • Q: What is the best time to book Bangalore to Dubai cheap flight ticket? By Chahana on Aug 24,2018
    A: It is advisable to book Bangalore to Dubai cheap flight ticket at least two months in advance of your travel. For example, if you are traveling to Dubai in January, book your tickets by November. By Krupa on Aug 24,2018
  • Q: Which airlines are operating Bangalore to Dubai flights today? By Abhirup on Aug 22,2018
    A: Airlines - Air Arabia, Air India, Bangkok Airways, British Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, IndiGo, Jet Airways, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Oman Air, Singapore Airlines, SpiceJet, Sri Lankan Airlines and Vistara are operating Bangalore to Dubai flights today. By Mithil on Aug 22,2018
  • Q: What is the average Bangalore to Dubai flight duration for a non-stop flight? By Kashi on Aug 20,2018
    A: The average Bangalore to Dubai flight duration of a non-stop flight is 4 hours. By Vrajamohan on Aug 20,2018
  • Q: What are some popular eating joints at Dubai International Airport? By Udeep on Apr 29,2018
    A: The Gallery, The Draft House, Cho Gao, McGettingan’s DXB, Ahlan Business Class Lounge and Warehouse are some of the well-known restaurants near the airport. By Subhuja on Apr 29,2018
  • Q: How can I travel from Dubai Airport to Deira? By Itish on Apr 28,2018
    A: The distance between Dubai Airport and Deira is 6 km. One can either take a taxi, bus or a metro. By Gajanan on Apr 28,2018
  • Q: How far is Jumeirah beach from Dubai Airport? By Maysarah on Apr 27,2018
    A: Jumeirah Beach is around 20.5 km from Dubai Airport and takes about 20 minutes to reach by road. By Diptanshu on Apr 27,2018
  • Q: What is the cheapest way to travel around Dubai? By Natesh on Apr 26,2018
    A: Dubai metro is the cheapest mode of transport in Dubai. By Kshaunish on Apr 26,2018
  • Q: Can I hire self-drive cars to get around the city in Dubai? By Balakumar on Apr 25,2018
    A: Yes you can hire self-drive cars to get around the city in Dubai. However, you would require an international licence to drive in Dubai. By Indradutt on Apr 25,2018
  • Q: Does Dubai have left hand or right hand drive? By Kavita on Apr 24,2018
    A: Dubai has left hand drive. By Khaldoon on Apr 24,2018
  • Q: What facilities for aged people can be availed at the Dubai Airport? By Shitikanth on Apr 23,2018
    A: Dubai Airport is one of the most advanced and developed airports in the world. It is for this reason that it has all amenities and facilities for the elderly and the aged. From wheelchairs to ambulances to medical help, Dubai Airport has all kinds of help for the old passengers. By Shyamak on Apr 23,2018
  • Q: Does Dubai Airport have buses to the city center? By Vyas on Apr 22,2018
    A: Yes,Dubai Airportis very well-connected with the city center. By Suvit on Apr 22,2018
  • Q: What would be the average cab fare for travel from Dubai International Airport to the city center? By Hardeep on Apr 21,2018
    A: The average cab fare for travel from Dubai International Airport to the city center will be around 35-40 Dirhams (Rs 600-700). By Lola on Apr 21,2018
  • Q: What is the best time to book cheap Bangalore to Dubai flights? By Peeyush on Apr 20,2018
    A: It is advisable to book your tickets at least two months in advance of your travel. For example, if you are traveling to Dubai in January, book your tickets by November. By Chirtrang on Apr 20,2018
  • Q: Which are the airlines that operate flights from Bangalore to Dubai? By Yamuna on Apr 19,2018
    A: Oman Air, Jet Airways, Kuwait Airways, SriLankan Airlines and Etihad Airways are among the 20 airlines operatingBangalore to Dubai flights. By Siddanth on Apr 19,2018
  • Q: Which is the last non-stop flight on a Sunday on the Bangalore to Dubai route? By Ridha on Apr 18,2018
    A: TheBangalore to Dubai flighttime is 09:50 pm for the last non-stop flight 9W-6606, which is operated by Jet Airways. By Nand on Apr 18,2018
  • Q: What are some common layover cities for a Bangalore to Dubai flight? By Jherrico on Apr 17,2018
    A: Chennai, Mumbai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat are some of the common layover cities forBangalore to Dubai flights. By Dinkar on Apr 17,2018
  • Q: Which is the earliest Bangalore to Dubai non-stop flight? By Aahlaad on Apr 16,2018
    A: The Emirates EK-569 is the earliest non-stop Bangalore to Dubai flight. By Sunayana on Apr 16,2018
  • Q: What is the average flying time for a non-stop Bangalore to Dubai flight? By Talib on Apr 15,2018
    A: The average non-stopBangalore to Dubai flighttime is 4 hours. By Arijit on Apr 15,2018
  • Q: What is the cost of a Malaysia Airlines direct flight from Bangalore to Dubai? By Virinchi on Apr 14,2018
    A: A Malaysia Airlines directBangalore to Dubai flightfare costs between Rs. 1, 00,000 and Rs. 1, 05,000. By Deepanwita on Apr 14,2018
  • Q: Which are the airlines that operate on the Bangalore to Dubai route? By Devilal on Apr 13,2018
    A: Air Arabia, Indigo, Air India, Air Asia, Spicejet,Jet Airways, Oman Air,Emirates, Etihad Airways andSri Lankan Airlinesare the domestic and international carriers on Bangalore to Dubai route. By Faria on Apr 13,2018
  • Q: How much does an Air Arabia Economy class Bangalore to Dubai flight ticket cost? By Pujan on Apr 12,2018
    A: The cost of Economy class ofAir Arabiaflight from Bangalore to Dubai non-stop flight is Rs 7,464. Most of the Economy class tickets across airlines range between Rs 7,400 and Rs 9,900. By Kashi on Apr 12,2018
  • Q: Does Indigo have Bangalore to Dubai flights? By Muktananda on Apr 11,2018
    A: Indigohas flight for Bangalore to Dubai every day. Indigo offers almost 7 flights during the day. By Aloke on Apr 11,2018
  • Q: Does Air India provide complimentary liquor or wine to Economy Class passengers on its Bangalore to Dubai flight? By Janak on Apr 10,2018
    A: Yes, Air India offers complimentary liquor and wine to its Economy Class passengers on the Bangalore to Dubai route.It also offers a choice of continental or Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. By Suryansh on Apr 10,2018

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