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Flights To Antarctica

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You can take a cruise from Ushuaia (Argentina) to reach Antarctica.

• Which are the budget airlines to Ushuaia?
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Emirates are the budget airlines to Ushuaia.

• What is the time difference between India and Antarctica?
Antarctica is 6 hours and 30 minutes ahead of India.

• What is the duration for flying to Ushuaia from major Indian metros?

Delhi to Ushuaia – 34 hours and 20 minutes
Hyderabad to Ushuaia – 37 hours and 50 minutes
Chennai to Ushuaia – 37 hours and 25 minutes
Bangalore to Ushuaia – 37 hours and 30 minutes

• What are the major layover airports for connecting flights to Ushuaia?
The major layover airports for connecting flights to Ushuaia are at Buenos Aires, Newark, Dubai, Paris, and Doha.

Flights to Antarctica- A visit to the Southern Hemisphere

Antarctica’s vast expanse of ice may seem like a mystical territory for first-time travelers. However, an opportunity to detach from rest of the world and explore the unexplored, will make you visit Antarctica again. Traveling to Antarctica is itself an adventurous activity considering the fact that there are fewer transportation facilities available to this part of the world. Your love for nature and its wonderful creations will keep you motivated to travel to this continent, located in the Southern Hemisphere.

Best time to visit Antarctica

The summer months in the Southern Hemisphere i.e. from late October to late March, is the best (and the only possible) time to visit Antarctica. The ill-famed Drake Passage remains much calmer during these months and makes it ideal to cruise to Antarctica. With temperatures as low as 4 to 8 °C, a trip to Antarctica requires sufficient preparation from the visitor’s part.

How to reach Antarctica

Unlike other destinations, there are no commercial flights to Antarctica. You will have to transfer from India to Invercargill in New Zealand or Hobart in Australia or South America and from there, travel by cruise to Antarctica. You can either embark on a trip from Ushuaia in Argentina to Antarctica (by ship) or fly to the Shetland Islands; from there, cruise to this continent. Flight services are offered from major Indian cities to Ushuaia by Air India, British Airways, and Qatar Airways.

Where to stay in Antarctica?

Antarctica is not a place for the faint of the heart. No world-class hotels or homestays exist in this part of the world. You will have to stay in the expedition ship or you may even get a chance to camp. Before heading for the trip if you have to stay in Ushuaia, there are mid-range hotels which offer accommodation facilities at around INR 9,000.

Best places to visit in Antarctica

The vast expanse of nothingness will be a completely different sight for people who visit Antarctica. The icy, yet serene landscape is home to seals, penguins, albatrosses, and a few varieties of plants. En route to the destination, visit Petermann Island where you can easily spot icebergs and whales, or visit Cuverville Island where you can find Gentoo penguins.

What to eat in Antarctica

The extreme climatic conditions make it difficult for humans to inhabit this continent on a permanent basis. As there is a dearth of food options here, provisions for food have to be made in advance. The food needs to be dehydrated and packed carefully, so that it can be used for longer periods.

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