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  • BOMMumbai
  • Turkish Airlines
  • 06:25 2018-06-21
  • Rs.19,025
  • Book Now Rs.19,025

  • DELDelhi
  • Emirates
  • 16:15 2018-06-21
    11:45 22 Jun
  • Rs.20,065
  • Book Now Rs.20,065

  • DELDelhi
  • Etihad Airways
  • 09:15 2018-06-21
    10:35 22 Jun
  • Rs.20,123
  • Book Now Rs.20,123

  • DELDelhi
  • Etihad Airways
  • 04:45 2018-06-21
  • Rs.21,015
  • Book Now Rs.21,015

  • BLRBengaluru
  • Air India
  • 06:10 2018-06-21
  • Rs.21,131
  • Book Now Rs.21,131

  • AMDAhmedabad
  • Air India
  • 07:10 2018-06-21
    00:00 22 Jun
  • Rs.21,720
  • Book Now Rs.21,720

  • BLRBengaluru
  • Air France
  • 01:20 2018-06-21
  • Rs.22,223
  • Book Now Rs.22,223

  • BOMMumbai
  • Kuwait Airways
  • 13:25 2018-06-21
    16:25 22 Jun
  • Rs.22,296
  • Book Now Rs.22,296

  • BOMMumbai
  • Brussels Airlines
  • 01:05 2018-06-21
  • Rs.22,644
  • Book Now Rs.22,644

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• What are the budget airlines that fly to Italy
The most budget-friendly airline flying to Italy is Air India.

• What is the time difference between India and Italy?
India is 3 hours 30 minutes ahead of Italy.

• What is the average time duration to reach Italy (Leonardo da Vinci International Airport) from major Indian cities?

Bangalore to Italy – 12 hours
Delhi to Italy – 11 hours 5 minutes
Chennai to Italy – 11 hours 45 minutes
Kolkata to Italy – 12 hours 35 minutes
Hyderabad to Italy – 12 hours 5 minutes

• What are the major layover airports for connecting flights to Italy?
Layover airports connecting India and Italy are Mumbai, Munich, Frankfurt, Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Amsterdam.

Flights to Italy – A paradise for Foodies and History Buffs

Italy, a country in South-Central Europe, is a true masterpiece of Mother Nature. Its spectacular landscapes with glacial lakes, icy Alps in the north and extraordinary wilderness is a beauty that is unrivaled and perfect. It is the birthplace of the Renaissance and the epicentre of Roman Empire. Being located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, it enjoys temperate Mediterranean climate. Italy’s rich cultural heritage is steeped in ancient Roman history, great art, architecture and gastronomical adventures that will make every traveler fall in love with this charming place.

Best time to visit

If you are planning for a less expensive visit and want to avoid the crowd, September to October are the off seasons. June to August is the summer season. The autumn season from September to November is the time for wine and local food festivals like Sagres. If you are a food enthusiast, plan your trip during spring season. You can take a culinary adventure with some of the local produce, fresh fava beans and pecorino cheese from Tuscany throughout the country. Peak tourist season starts in May and lasts till July. During this time of the year, hotels and air tickets should be booked well in advance.

How to get there

The best way to get there is by taking a direct flight from the major cities in the world. Some of the international airlines like Oman Air, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways, Jet Airways, Turkish Airlines and Air India fly from cities like Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata to the airports of different cities in Italy.

Places to stay

Italy offers a plethora of options to stay at, whether you are traveling with family, friends or backpacking around Europe. For the ones who wish to indulge in luxury and pomp, there are plenty of fancy hotels with country villas available everywhere. You can also rent an apartment in Florence or Rome. Tuscany has beautiful medieval villages with a romantic vibe. Vatican is also a perfect place for family vacationers.

Must-see places

The must see places of Italy are numerous and dazzling with mesmerizing art and architecture. Vatican museum offers a bit of history and art. You can take a walk through the museum or get a guided tour. If you want a glimpse of Renaissance art, head to Uffizi gallery in Florence that has the most amazing art on display. Italy’s Sicily has alluring ruins that is worth capturing in a picture. Take a walk through the valley of temples to make the most of it. Florence’s Duomo is another must-see place that has interesting engineering and architecture. Pompeii, a popular destination, gives a fascinating insight into this city that was buried under volcanic ash for almost 1700 years. You can travel back in time by taking a walk through the ancient streets.

Shopping in Italy

Italy has some of the best shopping places in the world. The art of perfumery is well established here at the church of Santa Maria Novella. Their Melograno scent, a pomegranate fragrance, is a must buy. Shopping in Florence is best if you are looking for leather purse, bags or jackets. Buying cheese and oils from Italy will give you the best feeling ever.


Italian cuisine offers fresh ingredients with a combination of vegetables, fish and meat. Apart from the famous Naples pizza and pastas, there are countless dishes that are absolutely delectable. Their cuisine varies from one region to another with their own distinct flavor. The authentic Italian dish consists of olive oil, prosciutto, dried porcinis and cured meat. The signature pasta of Veneto region is Bigoli, a dish traditionally made with duck eggs and buckwheat flour. A sprinkle of Parmesan garnished with fresh parsley makes it a dish to die for. Tortellini is a staple dish for most of northern Italy. Focaccia bread, risotto and bruchetta are some of the locally popular foods.

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