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Which are the budget airlines that fly to Libya?
Gulf Air offers the cheapest air tickets to Libya.

What is the time difference between India and Libya?
India is 3 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Libya.

What is the average duration for flying to Tripoli from major Indian metros?

Delhi to Tripoli – 21 hours and 30 minutes
Bangalore to Tripoli – 21 hours and 30 minutes
Kolkata to Tripoli – 24 hours and 20 minutes
Chennai to Tripoli – 25 hours

What are the major layover airports for connecting flights to Libya?
Dubai, Mumbai, Abu Dhabi, and Istanbul are the major layover airports for connecting flights to Libya.

Flights to Libya – Amid majestic Greek and Roman ruins

Libya is gifted with remarkable ancient Greek and Roman ruins, such as Sabratha, Leptis Magna, and Cyrene. A major part of this country (above 90%) is covered by desert. It lies in North Africa’s Maghreb region, bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, as well as Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Chad, Niger, and Sudan. The country is home to fascinating prehistoric rock art, palm-fringed lakes, an isolated volcano (Wawa an Namus), and complex caravan towns (Ghadames). Tripoli is the capital and the largest city, located in western Libya. The unrest that was caused by the 2011-12 revolution of Libya continues till date, holding the country in a civil war.

Best time to visit

October to May is the best time to visit Libya when the temperature is low and major festivals like Independence Day, Acacus Festival, Nalut Spring Festival, Islamic New Year, Ghat Festival, and Ghadames Festival are held. June to October is ideal for exploring the coastal areas when the weather is warmer, and relaxing by the beachside is all you need. However, due to political unrest and social instability, traveling to Libya is highly restricted by the government.

How to reach Libya

Tripoli International Airport is the main airport of Libya, located about 34 km from Tripoli. Fly to Libya via top domestic and international airlines such as Kuwait Airways, Etihad Airways, Vistara, Jet Airways, Turkish Airlines, Air India, Lufthansa, etc. that provide several connecting flights from India to Tripoli every week. Choose from convenient flight schedules and fly with cheap air tickets from time to time.

Accommodation in Libya

You can opt to stay in budget hotels, luxury hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, youth hostels, camps, huts, beachside accommodations, etc. provided in Libya. The major areas of Tripoli with good accommodation options include Downtown Tripoli, Shawky St., Omar El Mokhtar Street, and Abd Alehamed ben badiss Street. The per-night hotel rates vary from INR 5,000 to INR 20,000 approximately.

Major attractions

Tripoli features amazing attractions, such as The Arch of Marcus Aurelius, Street Murals, Tripoli's Medina, Tripoli's Jamahiriya Museum, Al-Majidya Mosque, Gurgi Mosque, Maidan al Jazair Square Mosque, and Al-Majidya Mosque.

You cannot miss the Libyan cities of Leptis Magna, Sabratha, and Cyrene from your itinerary. They are beautiful ruins from the Roman and Greek civilizations. The Libyan Sahara Desert must be explored at least once in a lifetime. Indulge in exciting camel safaris, hot air balloon safaris, river cruises, desert safaris, cultural interactions, wildlife viewing, and much more!

The Old Town of Ghadames is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ghadames City, amongst the oldest pre-Saharan cities, is situated in an oasis and called ‘The Pearl of the Desert’. Waw an Namus in Sahara is a very popular ethereal volcanic oasis that will leave you awestruck.

Tadrart Acacus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its numerous prehistoric cave paintings and carvings.

Ptolemais, Jebel Akhdar, Nalut Ruins, Tobruk War Cemetery, Apollonia, Omar Al-Mukhtar Mosque, Darnah, and Murzuq Castle are the other major attractions in Libya that deserve to be visited.

Shopping in Libya

Buy stunning handmade home accessories and handicrafts like Ghadames’ embroidered slippers, pottery, brassware, and cushions. Also try Tuareg handicrafts like silver jewelry, leather items, Tuareg turbans, camel-saddles replicas, palm-woven products, and much more!

Cuisine of Libya

Libyan cuisine includes the dishes, cooking practices and traditions that are influenced by the Middle East and Mediterranean regions, and North Africa. The popular dishes of Libya are Shorba Arabiya (thick, spicy soup), seafood dishes, Salatet Sfinari bil Kamoun (Moroccan salad), Ejja (Libyan omelet), Libyan Lentil Soup, Braided Puff Pastry, and shredded coconut pastry.

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