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Flights to Niue – A Quaint Pacific Paradise

One of the smallest countries in the world, Niue’s charm lies in its isolation from the rest of the world. Situated atop a raised coral atoll, the largest in the world, Niue is an island country located on the South Pacific Ocean. Known as the Rock of Polynesia, this island has plenty of caves, cliffs and sea tracks to scramble around. Swim around in the gin-clear waters of the Pacific, surrounded by steep cliffs and complex cave networks. With a coastal circumference of 64 km, Niue is like a tiny piece of heaven for those seeking some adventure, or even relaxation.

Best time to visit Niue

Niue has a tropical climate; cyclones are a natural hazard occurring mainly from December to March. The best time to visit Niue is from May to October which is the dry season. The temperature remains warm with low humidity, making for prime conditions to go exploring around the island. This is also the time when humpback whales arrive for the birthing season.

How to reach Niue

The island of Niue has one international airport, known as Hanan International Airport, located in the capital town of Alofi. But, direct flights to Niue are only available from Auckland in New Zealand and are operated by Air New Zealand. Visitors from other parts of the world will need to arrive first at Auckland and then board a connecting flight to Niue. Flights to Auckland are available from cities in India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Cochin, although none are direct. Top airlines flying on this route include China Southern Airlines, Jet Airways, Singapore Airlines, and Thai Airways.

Where to stay in Niue

Accommodation options are rather thin on the ground in Niue. This small island only has a handful of hotels, guesthouses, and resorts. So advance booking is a must before coming to Niue. There are a variety of rooms to choose from, including studio rooms for singles, bedroom suites for families, executive rooms as well as honeymoon suites. Approximate cost for accommodation range from INR 1,000 to INR 8,000.

Places to visit in Niue

Niue is an island of unspoilt beauty, thanks to its geographic isolation. Sun-kissed beaches, intriguing caves, and naturally occurring limestone arches are the main attractions of this island. Wildlife-enthusiasts also find Niue very interesting due to the myriad opportunities to watch wild dolphins and migrating whales around the island.

The Huvalu Forest Conservation Area is an interesting place to explore. This tropical rainforest of volcanic origins is full of many unique flora and fauna. Enclosed by steep cliffs, the Matapa Chasm is a favorite spot for swimming and snorkeling. The massive rock archway known as Talava Arches, surrounded by a network of caves, is a good place to go exploring. Near the Hakupu Heritage Park, the Anapala Chasm is one of the main sources of freshwater for the Niuean people. Visitors can wander along the many ‘sea tracks’ found on the island, which lead down to the coast. The breathtaking views alone would make the trek an incredible experience.

What to buy in Niue

Tapa cloth, baskets and wall hangings woven with Pandanus leaves, jewelry made of shells and seeds, essential oilmade from native flowers and spices, wooden statues of animals and deities, acrylic fridge magnets, and key chains make for some beautiful souvenirs.

What to eat in Niue

In Niue, many social events revolve around its cuisine. Naturally, seafood plays in a prominent role in many of the local dishes, along with coconut cream, paw paw, bananas, tomatoes, and various yams. Some of the must-try dishes of this island nation are Luku dishes made with either chicken or corned beef, Taro, Uga, Alili, and Takihi.


Which airlines offer cheap air tickets to Niue?

China Southern Airlines, China Eastern, Cathay Pacific, and Air India offer cheap air tickets to Niue, from India.

What is the time difference between India and Niue?

India is 16 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Niue.

What is the time taken to reach Niue from major cities in India?

As there are no connecting flights to Niue, it takes longer to reach Niue from India, via connecting flights with two or more stopovers.

New Delhi to Niue – 53 hours

Mumbai to Niue – 53 hours

Cochin to Niue – 54 hours

What are the major layover airports for connecting flights to Alofi?

Auckland, Shanghai-Pudong, and Hong Kong are the major layover airports for connecting flights to Alofi, from India.

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