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Flights to Romania – Castles, Folklore and Much More

Romania, homeland of the fictional vampire Dracula, is a land of enchanting castles and breathtakingly beautiful locales. The Medieval-era charm of Romanian countryside attracts tourists the world over to this Southeastern European country. The sight of the towering Carpathian Mountains and the gushing Danube River of Romania will seem like poetry in motion for nature lovers. Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, is home to many folk museums, castles and commercial centers, which are worth visiting.

Best time to visit Romania

Spring and autumn seasons are the best time to visit Romania. During the months of April, May, and September, the weather conditions are welcoming. The temperate-continental climate of this country is characterized by hot summers and long winters, so you can expect heavy snowfall from December to mid-March.

How to reach Romania

With frequent flight services offered by major airlines like Air India, Air France, British Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Jet Airways, it has become easier to travel from the major Indian cities to Romania. Henri Coanda International Airport in Bucharest and Cluj International Airport in Cluj-Napoca are two of the busiest airports in Romania. As of now, direct flights are not available from Indian cities to Romania. The major stopover points for connecting flights to Bucharest are at Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Dubai, New Delhi and Belgrade. Transportation within the country is possible by the means of taxis, buses, trams, and trolleybuses.

Where to stay in Romania

Budget hotels are available for an overnight stay in Bucharest, starting at INR 1,600. The price can go up to INR 25,000 based on the facilities you want. Cluj Napoca also offers good accommodation facilities at affordable prices, at INR 2,000 per night. The types of accommodation available here include guest houses, hotels, youth hostels, and holiday rentals.

Best places to visit in Romania

Romania has its fair share of scenic locales, commercial centers, enchanting castles and folk museums. The must-visit places include Bucharest, Brasov, Cluj-Napoca, and Timisoara.

Located in southern Romania, Bucharest is where the iconic Palatul Parlamentului (Parliament building) exists. The Muzuel National, Jewish History Museum, and the Curtea Veche Palace built in the 15th century, are also equally interesting.

Brasov, with its 14th-century castles, majestic mountains, Gothic-style churches and museums, exudes a unique charm. Visit Casa Sfatului, shopping spots in Strada Republicii, St. Nicholas Church, Bran Castle (Dracula’s castle), and Poiana Brasov.

Cluj-Napoca, which is located in the Transylvania region, is famous for its many landmarks from the Hungarian and Saxon rule. Apart from this, there are many universities and bars in this region. Must-see places include National Theatre, Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden, Central Park, and the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania.

Must-buys in Romania

For souvenir hunters, Romania offers many interesting things to buy. The local folk museums are where you can shop for exquisite handicrafts, wooden pots, clothing, and beautiful masks. Painted eggs, carved wooden plates, and beautiful vases are pieces you can pick up.

Eating out in Romania

A slight similarity to Ottoman cuisine is evident in the way food is made in Romania. The different dishes served here include meat/fish based items, soups or ciorba, salads, cheeses, and desserts. You can also sample Ciorba de pui – a chicken soup, Musaca – a meat pie, Vinete umplute or stuffed eggplant and Castrave?i mura?i (pickled cucumbers).


Which airlines offer cheap air tickets to Romania?

The airlines which offer cheap air tickets to Romania are Aeroflot, Etihad Airways, and British Airways.

What is the time difference between Romania and India?

Romania lags by a time difference of 3 hours and 30 minutes from India.

What is the flight duration for traveling from major Indian metros to Bucharest?

Bangalore to Bucharest: 15 hours

Chennai to Bucharest: 17 hours

Mumbai to Bucharest: 16 hours

New Delhi to Bucharest: 15 hours

Which are the major layover airports for connecting flights to Bucharest from India?

The major layover airports for connecting flights to Bucharest are at Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Dubai, New Delhi, and Belgrade.

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