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Flights to Turkmenistan – Stories from the land of Black Sand

Located in the Central part of Asia, Turkmenistan is known for its ancient structures, historical monuments, thousand-year-old skeletons, tranquil mosques, the Karakum (Black Sand) Desert, traditions, and picturesque landscapes. The warm and friendly Turkmens make the country home-like for anyone who is traveling there.

Best time to visit Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan has a continental, cold desert type of climate. It has long, hot, and dry summers, while the winters are comparatively mild. However, the place can occasionally become damp. The best time to visit the country is during the months of March to June and September to November when the weather remains moderate.

How to reach Turkmenistan
There are no direct international flights to Turkmenistan from the major cities of India. However, several connecting flights are available to reach Ashgabat International Airport. You can opt from Gulf Air, Turkish Airlines, Vistara, Emirates, Jet Airways, Air India, and Etihad Airways, which are the international airlines flying this route. Cabs are available from outside the airport terminal to reach the city center.

Accommodation in Turkmenistan

Ashgabat offers various accommodation options for anyone traveling to the country. Upscale hotels with tariffs of INR 9,000 to INR 15,000 (approx.) per night, provide you with a luxurious and memorable trip. If you are looking for economic options, you can opt for the budget-efficient hotels in and around the city. Dom Otdykha (rest houses) are also a good option, subject to availability. They are decent places to stay and offer breakfast, which turns out to be a good deal.

Sightseeing in Turkmenistan

Neutrality Monument, Ruhyyet Palace, Azadi Mosque, Turkmenbashi’s Mosque, Ertugrul Gazi Museum, State Museum of Turkmenistan, Independence Monument, and Old Niza are the popular tourist attractions in Ashgabat. The country is known for its carpets; hence, a visit to the Carpet Museum is a must. The ancient towns of Merv and Konye-Urgench, with their caravans on the Silk Road, are awe-inspiring. The Soltan Tekes Mausoleum and Gutluk Temir Minaret stand tall in Konye-Urgench. Miscalculations can sometimes create history. One such example is a huge burning crater in the middle of the Karakum Desert, which was lit, assuming that dangerous gases beneath shall burn out. However, after ages, the crater oozes fire even today.

Dashoguz, the gateway to Konye-Urgench, gained fame after the fall of a large meteorite in the city, and is visited by thousands of tourists. The fortress in Nisa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To enjoy the beauty of nature, Dekhistan is the best place in the country. Giving you a glimpse of the past, Ahal Province has an abundance of archaeological sites and remains of humans and animals. If you wish to experience something pre-historic, Kugitang Nature Reserve has much to offer. The reserve houses original dinosaur footprints.

Must-buys in Turkmenistan

With centuries-old sericulture practices, Turkmenistan is the birthplace of Keteni, a type of homespun silk. Hand-woven carpet, Telpek (a national fur headdress), Djul djul (traditional musical instrument), and Bilezik (bracelets), are among the most authentic buys to take home from Turkmenistan.

Cuisine of Turkmenistan

Turkmen cuisine is made by traditional practices, out of which Chorek (Turkmen bread) is the most interesting. It is baked by sticking the dough on the sides of the oven wall and eaten with Kuurma ( a lamb dish). Shurpa (combination curry of mutton, potato, and vegetables), kakmach (hot and spicy mutton curry), etc. Dzhazhyly bukche (dumplings made from sheep kidney), Kazanlama (dessert), and Turkmen pilav (mutton fat dish), are some of the other must-try dishes.


Which airlines offer cheap air tickets to Turkmenistan?

From India, Air India offers the cheapest airfares.

What is the time difference between India and Turkmenistan?

India is 30 minutes ahead of Turkmenistan.

What is the average time taken to reach Ashgabat from major Indian cities?

Delhi to Ashgabat – 12 hours 15 minutes

Mumbai to Ashgabat – 13 hours 00 minutes

Chennai to Ashgabat – 13 hours and 05 minutes

Bangalore to Ashgabat – 12 hours and 55 minutes

Which are the major layover airports for connecting flights to Turkmenistan?

Major layover airports for connecting flights to Ashgabat from Delhi are Bahrain, Istanbul, Dubai, Hyderabad, and Moscow.

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