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Flights to Yemen – Where History and Nature Go Hand-In-Hand

Sharing its borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia, Yemen is in the western part of Asia. Its location in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula makes it the most fertile area of the isthmus. Even after having immense potential in the field of tourism, the country has not been able to develop proper infrastructure, due to its civil wars and tribal conflicts. Nonetheless, Yemen is a country of rich cultural diversity. Its architectural mastery, natural wonders, ancient archeological sites, and vibrant markets, make for a great holiday. However, factoring in the recent political unrest in the country, it is advisable to make necessary arrangements prior to your visit.

Best time to visit Yemen

Yemen has a diverse climate, depending upon the area and altitude. The coastal area along the Red Sea has a hot and humid climate, and the central highlands have an extreme climate, with scorching hot summers and dry winters. The southern part of the country remains hot throughout the year with light showers during March to April and July to September. The best time to visit Yemen is during April and May, and September and October. Yemen lags behind the Indian time zone by 2 hours 30 minutes.

How to reach Yemen

Due to the ongoing civil war, all flights to Yemen are currently suspended. However, you can reach Yemen by road, crossing the Yemeni-Omani border posts. The Saudi Arabian border is another option but is more difficult. Buses are easily available to cross the border and reach Yemen. If you are looking for an economic option to reach the country, ferries are your best option. You can reach Oman and Saudi Arabia from India by any of the domestic or international airlines such as Air India, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air, Qatar Airways, Jet Airways, etc.

Accommodation in Yemen

Most of the hotels in Yemen are in Sana’a, Aden, Taiz, and Hadiboh. They comprise luxury hotels offering an extravagant stay. There are several economic accommodation options in the heart of the city providing a comfortable stay and spectacular views.

Attractions in Yemen

Close to Yemen is the Gulf of Aden in the Arabian Sea. The picture-perfect frames are sure to captivate you. Al Mukalla Harbor, the main harbor of Yemen, is a bustling place full of fishing boats at all times of the day. Socotra Island in the country has been bestowed with a unique splendor – Arher Beach. The sand dunes at the beach are a temptation for hikers, swimmers, photographers, or for solitude lovers to stroll around. The island is also known for its Bottle Trees. Explore the architectural excellence of Al-Qahira Castle located in Sana’a. Built atop a tall rocky peak, this Yemeni fortress calls for a spellbinding view. Sana’a is awe-inspiring with its historical landmarks, Islamic architecture, hammams, ancient buildings, and mosques, which add to the charm of this magnificent town. Al-Saleh mosque, a cultural and religious site in the town is a popular tourist attraction. Dating back to the Paleolithic Age, Yemen has several ancient tombs in Al-Mahwit area. Other major cities and towns to visit in the country are Aden, Ta’izz, Shibam, and Tihama (coast of the Red Sea).

Shopping in Yemen

The locals of Yemen wear a Jambiya (carved dagger). Attractive and unique, you can grab one from the markets of Yemen. Handmade belts, silver pouches, jewelry, semi-precious stones, brass and copper trays, and woven baskets are some of the most interesting souvenirs to take home from Yemen.

Eating out in Yemen

Lamb is popularly used for most Yemeni dishes. Malawah (Yemeni bread) is the common source of carbohydrates in the Yemeni meal and is eaten with curries. Therefore, most dishes in the country are prepared in the form of a stew. Maraq (lamb stew), Fahsa (stew made from lamb cutlets), Ogda (lamb and vegetable stew), Matfaiya (fish based gravy), Fatta (meat and bread gravy), and Zerbian (Yemeni biriyani), are some of the must-try dishes of the country. It is a common practice to chew Qat after lunch in Yemen.

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