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Mauritius is lovingly known as the jewel on the crown of the Indian Ocean. The breath-taking beauty that this small island offers is something that cannot be experienced anywhere but on Mauritius holidays. Its sparkling blue waters and tropical climate all through the year is what makes everyone flock to this island for their holidays. Whether it is a romantic getaway that you have planned with your better half or a fun family holiday or if you just want to breakaway for a few days from your monotonous life, Mauritius offers you everything in one small tiny island! Many travel agents offer cheap Mauritius tour packages from India which are easy on your pocket. The best time to visit in Mauritius are between May and early December. January to March is the peak cyclone period and best avoided at this time of year.

The total beach area in Mauritius is almost 330 kilometres long and provides with the best of views in each of its shores, such as the Grand Bay which is a very lively and happening beach, Le Morne is the epitome of beauty with its pristine blue waters and white sandy beach, and Belle Mare can be enjoyed for its laid-back attitude. Mauritius has influences of India, china, Africa and France and hence has a mixed population of all these nationalities which also leads to diverse culinary options in the island. When you are here, make sure to have a taste of the famous Mauritian rum and the Phoenix beer.

While holidaying, you would definitely want to spend on a good hotel or resort for a comfortable stay as that is not the area to compromise. There here we list out some of the free and affordable things that you can do while on cheap Mauritius tour package.

Visiting Cap Malheureux

This fishing village in Mauritius which is close to grand bay can be visited on a cheap Mauritius vacation. The name of this village literally translates to “cape of misfortune” because of the many shipwrecks that have occurred in this area. But not to worry! As this is the most serene spot you can find in the island with the view of other smaller islands such as Ile Plate, Ile Ronde and Coin de Mire which can be seen from the shore of Cap Malheureux.

A stroll through Port Louis

The capital city of Port Louis, is a bustling city with the colonial buildings, the prominent central market and China town gives a very warm welcome to tourists landing in this city for their vacation. Port Louis was the prime harbour for the island before the French took over but it is still considered as the economic, cultural and political centre of the island. The markets in this city are always bustling with activity and you can shop for some exotic fruits and vegetables, spices, local handicrafts and souvenirs from here. Since this is capital, it is inevitably mentioned on all cheap Mauritius vacation packages.

Watch the fresh catches from the sea at Grande Gaube

This other fishing village located in the north east of the island called Grande Gaube is where you can see most of the fishermen bringing in the fresh catches of the day and hence this is a great place to witness the longstanding tradition of this island – fishing! the families of most of the fisherman live in this village and their livelihood depends purely on fishing a trade. You will have to arrive in this village early in the morning to witness the fishermen returning to the shore with their overnight fresh catches.

Wander through Ganga Talao

Just like how Grand Bay is the fun region of Mauritius, Grand Basin is known as the spiritual region where you will find lots of rich Hindu temples. The Ganga Talao is a natural lake here which is like a replica of the sacred river Ganges of India. Ganga Talao is currently the most important pilgrimage spot outside of India. The Hindu rituals followed here are also pretty much the same as in India and during Maha Shivarathri, you can watch the devotees walking on fire as a ritual just like in India.

Watch the sun go down at Trou aux Biches

Of course, pristine beaches are synonymous with Mauritius! Trou aux Biches is one of the famous beaches in the island and it is lined with casuarina trees providing ample shade for those who do not want a sun tan. And of course, we wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say, Mauritius is filled with such lovely beaches. All the cheap Mauritius tour packages available are filled with beach activities only as this island is known for it. This is a good way to enjoy cheap holidays in Mauritius.

Discover Black River Gorges National Park

The Black river gorges National Park is where most of the forested mountain regions of the island is located. There are various viewpoints and trekking trails available throughout the region and is considered the best places to visit in Mauritius if you are a nature lover. This region is more like a conservation for the flora and fauna which are endangered species.

Learn about the island’s past at Aapravasi Ghat

The Aapravasi Ghat is one among the two World Heritage Sites located in Mauritius. Back in 1834, this Ghat was the immigration depot where many labourers arrived from various parts of the world to work in the sugar plantations on the island. This is also the site to where people in Mauritius can trace back their origin and ancestors too.

Explore Chinatown

There is inevitably a china town in every country that you visit! That is because Chinese traders travelled throughout the world in the early 1900s’ and settled in various areas which eventually became to be known as the China Town uniformly throughout the world. Why, even India has its own China Town in Kolkata! Here you can find a variety of Chinese street food stalls, souvenir shops, spices and vegetables, hand held fans, paper lanterns, toys, crockery and cutlery, musical instruments, etc. walking through this intriguing neighbourhood is a good way to explore the island.

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  • Romantic Mauritius

    Group Tour | 6 Nights

    Mauritius (6)

    Romantic Mauritius

    Mauritius (6)
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  • Exclusive Sojourn - Dubai & Mauritius

    Customizable Tour | 7 Nights

    Mauritius (4) Dubai (3)

    Exclusive Sojourn - Dubai & Mauritius

    Mauritius (4) Dubai (3)
    If you're looking to take a break from the daily routine, this great deal up for grabs! Mauritius, and the jewel of the Middle East, Dubai. Spend a day at Aux Cerf Island and indulge in water sports activities like kite surfing and snorkeling. Dive into the azure waters around and behold a spectacular array of coral reefs and dramatic ocean topography. Head to Dubai and go on Dhow cruise and desert safari. Do not forget to indulge the shopaholic in you on this 8-day trip or visit the Grand Bassin Lake, Saint Aubin House, and National Botanical Garden.
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