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If you want to have a theme-based international holiday that would give you total satisfaction, then find listed some of the most popular themes of international vacations here such as honeymoon, beach, family and others. We have organized foreign vacationing packages on these specific themes for your convenience. Simply click on the theme of holiday you want avail and you will find a whole lot of tour packages from around the world show up. Proceed to book the one where you want to go.

Beach Tour Packages

What a feeling it would be to sit on the shores of a scenic beach and bask in the gleaming sunlight! Accompanying you, would be a glass of refreshing drink, some cool breeze and shimmering waves. If you are longing for an escapade to some spellbinding waterfronts, then international beach tours by Yatra are perfect for you. With our customised packages, you get to stroll through some of the most mesmerising beach destinations in the world. A getaway for newlyweds, beaches make for an ideal carnival of love sprinkled with quality time and loads of scenic beauty. Be it a pleasant evening walk along the shoreline or a romantic candle-light dinner, couples get ample moments to get close to their partners and begin the new phase of life with great enthusiasm. The tranquil beaches of Bali, Maldives and Mauritius, fringed with swaying palms, add a fascinating element to the trip of honeymooners and treat them with inspiring sights. Such escapades bring contentment in a relationship and the memories made during the sojourn occupy a special place in the hearts. Couples can also enjoy a splendid sunset at expansive beaches and together delve in some leisure activities like a spa therapy. International beach holiday packages also include a visit to some of the most spectacular touristy. Not just serenity but a number of thrilling activities offered at several beaches also entice travellers. You get to feel the adrenaline rush while experiencing a new level of excitement and frolic on the shores. The likes of snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, surfing, swimming, diving and jet skiing will delight tourists amidst azure waters and soft sands. The top beach destinations to try these are Dubai, Singapore and Andaman Islands. Other beach activities, such as cycling, volleyball, skating, kayaking, rollerblading and wave-riding also intrigue travellers. Hiking the energy quotient is the underwater marine life and coral reefs that will take you into a new world of species. Apart from this, numerous beaches are bordered with dramatic cliffs and dense forests, thus setting the mood right for trekking and safari rides. Spending a day in the enchanting aura of mystic breeze and golden-hued sands will truly be complemented by some lip-smacking delicacies. If you get tired after trying a hand at beach activities, then an array of refreshing drinks is the answer to rejuvenate yourself. Various shacks as well as restaurants will cater to your all-time cravings and serve a wide variety of mouth-watering food, ranging from seafood to farm specialities. Be it the Gulf of Thailand or Malaysia, the scrumptious meals will find a way in your stomach and ooze your soul with satisfaction. With Yatra, travel to some of the most enthralling international holiday destinations and be witness to colourful marine life, delectable cuisines and sun-soaked beaches.
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Family Tour Packages

Imagine waking up with a smile amidst serene surroundings and spending quality time with your family! Fulfil this dream of yours with Yatra’s international family tours that will take you on a joyous sojourn, covering natural as well as man-made wonders of the world. Your loved ones will also be left spellbound on witnessing the charming vistas of nature and would not shirk from admiring the human creativity as well. You can also indulge in a shopping therapy to forget all worries of life. As you plan on a trip with your loved ones, get ready to be enthralled by some refreshing landscapes that will blow your mind completely. From well-preserved national parks to imposing mountain ranges, gushing streams, gleaming rivers and awe-inspiring waterfalls, you will be amazed by them all. With Yatra, you get to bask in the immense scenic beauty of the world. Go on exploring some of the most astonishing destinations like Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, China, Thailand, Switzerland, Philippines and Santorini, and capture unforgettable memories with your close ones. Not only will your international family vacation be a rejuvenating experience but you will also get to see some hidden treasures of the world. For those who are enthusiastic about anything creative, then a tour of medieval marvels and insightful museums will be the perfect solution. You can make your vacation trip an informative one by making a visit to archaeological sites and get to know about the glorious past. Yatra facilitates you to witness numerous vibrant streets and intriguing mausoleums that boast pride. Be it the splendid cities of Rome and Athens, the capturing galleries of London and Barcelona, enticing relics of Egypt or tombs and turrets of Turkey, international family holiday packages by Yatra cover them all. You can dig into the antiquity of these spectacular attractions and spend some great time with your family. It may be a little tiresome to spend the entire day in travelling and sightseeing but the only thing to gain that lost energy back is by indulging in some therapy, be it shopping or relaxation. With a myriad of luxurious malls and shopping streets, you cannot take your hands off the fashionable yet traditional products on exhibit. Shopping at destinations like Paris, Milan, Italy, New York, Sydney, Dubai, Amsterdam and Manchester will be a new experience altogether. You can even delve in some spa and steam therapy to rejuvenate yourself; for holidaying not only comprises of sightseeing but also aims at making you content. Efficient packages by Yatra, take you through stunning international holiday destinations and make for a perfect getaway with your family.
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Honeymoon Tour Packages

As you begin a new phase of your life with your partner, it is quite natural to consider some international honeymoon packages for this special holiday together. International destinations are a choice of many a honeymooner for the privacy they provide, their overall safety and comfort and some truly stunning views that remain as a memory for a lifetime. Honeymoon packages abroad range from beach holiday in the Maldives or Mauritius, sunrise treks in New Zealand, cafe and museum hopping in Paris, to getting a gracious Balinese massage in Indonesia. Your choice of destination will strictly depend on the kind of couple you are, your interests and hobbies, your preference of activities, your preferred weather, and no to mention, your budget.

As you skim through an array of international tour packages for couples, you could consider these Yatra honeymoon packages.

A honeymoon in the sunny Maldives
The Maldives is preferred not only for its proximity to India, but mostly for its aquamarine waters, white, satiny sands, an underwater life that is more colourful and vivid than the over-water one and resorts that spell bespoke luxury. In the Maldives you can be certain to have the place to yourself and enjoy uninterrupted ocean views from the comfort of your room. Here, typically, a resort occupies an island unless you are living in Male or Maafushi, the busier, fully inhabited cousins. Either stay at a beach cottage or live in a cottage standing on stilts on a lagoon with its private diving platform giving you access to the sea at all times of the day. Plan private candlelight dinners, a quiet evening by your private plunge pool or simply soak up a breathtaking sunset, a delicious port in hand. This delightful archipelago on the Indian Ocean is all about soaking up the sun or diving under the waters to explore colourful coral gardens, exotic reef fish including tunas, barracudas, the great white shark, parrot fish, manta rays and sea turtles. Even if you are not much of a photography enthusiast, all your pictures will end up looking like stunning postcards taking by a master artist. Tuck into succulent seafood, get an invigorating aromatherapy, and simply while your time under a tropical sun.

A honeymoon among the parks and glaciers of New Zealand
An island country in the Pacific Ocean divided in two halves; the North Island and the South Island, New Zealand has one of the most glorious outdoors you will ever experience anywhere else in the world. Whether it is a self-drive holiday you have in mind or you wish to pursue other interests such as tramping, kayaking, fishing or a wine tour, you will be stunned by its range of ancient landscapes, deep sea inlets, wind-beaten ravines, stupendous fjords, sand and surf and some extremely atmospheric waterfront neighbourhoods. Explore some of the destinations across New Zealand where The Lord of the Rings movies were shot and if you have read JRR Tolkien’s version of it, then you can relate to the idea of Middle-earth even better here in this country. Rotorua, Canterbury and Northland are some of the best to experience the Maori culture which is at the heart of the Kiwi life. The Southern Alps in the South Island and an assortment of vineyard cafes and world-class cuisine make for a perfect stopover on your self-drive holiday in New Zealand. Additionally, the island nation is also the foremost in the world for its skiing slopes, and its heavenly swells are surely a surfer’s delight. For a fishing enthusiast, it opens up a whole new dimension.

A honeymoon in the Alpine slopes of Switzerland
Don’t just go there for its chocolates, creamy fondues or to shop for some cuckoo clocks, Switzerland’s great outdoors boast of some splendid Alpine pursuits you will discover when you go snowboarding, skiing, or hiking around its glacier-laced mountains and glittering green valleys. The moss-green vineyards that ramble, lake shores that are filled with sunning spots and waters perfect for drifting down in a canoe or raft only add multiple textures to this Alpine country. Zurich and Geneva are the places to experience the urban landscape and some brilliant neoclassical and baroque works in the city buildings. Whether you are passionate about architecture or are in a quest for that perfect pint of craft beer, Zurich’s new-wave of restaurants and riverside bars will not disappoint. To get a peek into the more rustic countryside, take a train ride from Zurich and explore villages stuck in time, meadows dotted with wild flowers, little wooden bistros with Alpine views with the snaking Limmat, Rhine and Aare opening up opportunities for an invigorating swim. Switzerland’s culture and tradition, its remarkable architecture and a starkly urban landscape juxtaposed with an exotic rural one, make it a preferred choice of honeymooners who get the best of scenery and atmospherics, and not to mention, the best of cuisine and the finest of wines. For lovers of shopping, this is paradise.

A honeymoon in the tropical paradise of Mauritius
Mauritius on the Indian Ocean conjures up a vivid imagery of cobalt waters, glittering white sands, sun-dappled walkways, uber luxury resorts that extend all the way into the waters, delectable cuisine that incorporates everything from its French and African ancestry, and a fabulous marine life. Mauritius is home to some of the world’s most sprawling resorts wonderfully bringing in the natural environment and affording unhindered sea views at all times of the day. For a sense of its history and architecture, a day trip to its capital, Port Louis, is highly recommended. Gaze at its many historical landmarks such as the La Place D’Armes, also look up the taxi stand dating back to mid-19th century. After a closer look at its French maritime history, unwind at a waterfront bistro with some Creole cuisine. The string of sleepy fishing villages that dot the island nation and sunny beaches such as the Tamarin Beach with its unique hilly setting and the La Cuvetta Beach known for its aquamarine waters, outside of Mauritius’ many waterfalls, rivers and hiking and trekking trails such as the extremely popular Black River district make it a well-rounded experience for a couple on their honeymoon. Don’t miss Chamarel’s multi-hued sand that comes in a collage of yellow, red, brown, blue, green, purple and violet colours.

A honeymoon in the cultural cauldron that is Indonesia
The more than 17,000 islands that come together to form Indonesia lend it its unique biodiversity in terms of vibrant indigenous cultures and traditions, a thriving animal and plant life, art and architecture and cuisine that is at once diverse as it is unifying. The scope of adventure and leisure in and around these islands is staggering, and that is why Indonesia with its more popular getaways like Ubud, Bali, Kuta, Jakarta see travellers from around the world who refuse to be typecast into a kind. Whether it is Sulawesi’s craggy coastline hugging beaches of spectacular white sand or it is Sumatra’s string of volcanoes, some active, with its dose of native wildlife, you ought to soak up the island country’s volcano-and-beach scene to get a sense of its size and topography. Whether it is getting up close to the Komodo Dragons at the Komodo Island, shopping at a tony mall in Jakarta, exploring the endless stretch of silky white sands at Sumbawa, or treating yourself to an invigorating Balinese massage in Bali, Indonesia’s temples, mountains, tropical jungles, wildlife and not to mention, its bizarre funeral rituals, courtesy Toraja, compliment each other in the most fascinating way. History, nature, art and cuisine lover; all are welcome in Indonesia.

A honeymoon in the world’s most romantic city, Paris
The landscape of the city comprising some truly stellar pieces of architecture such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe leave as lasting an impression as its cuisine and cultural centres. In Paris, tree-lined boulevards - the most glamorous of them all, Champs-Elysees - open-air bistros, riverside bars and cafes, designer boutiques, pretty gourmet shops, art galleries, museums, and antique shops, set the order of things. You can enjoy a plush dinner cruise on the Seine and watch the lights come up on its emblematic monument, the Eiffel Tower. Go shopping for some street styles or browse the premium designer houses for that unique pick. The city allows you to be as extravagant or as frugal; the choice is yours. Home to a bevy of Michelin-starred restaurants and creative wine and cheese bars, your time here as a gourmand will be extremely gratifying. Paris’ colourful street-scape, its bountiful gardens and parks and street shops add a dimension to it that makes it a greatly desired holiday destination the world over. Before you leave the city make sure you have rounded up its many art nouveau department stores, bookshops, toy shops, antique shops, and flea markets stocking everything from the vintage to the contemporary. There is no better place on the planet to shop for international trends than the French capital.
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Wildlife Tour Packages

Tired of watching ferocious and majestic animals on your television sets? Then, take a call to watch them live in front of you by paying a visit to some of the majestic wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the world. A first-hand experience that will take you to a new world, which is full of excitement and thrill, amidst wilderness and lush surroundings. With Yatra’s international wildlife tours, you get an opportunity to witness different habitats and get up-close to a myriad of animal, plant and bird species. The highlight of these packages is the encounter with the Big Five. Game Drives The geography of these national parks and biosphere reserves are usually marked by snow-clad peaks, wooded slopes, lowland forests, dense mangrove swamps, savannah deserts and plains, and sandy beaches as well. A game drive through Kruger National Park and Masai Mara National Reserve in South Africa will hike the adrenaline rush. If lucky, you can spot the much-talked about Big Five, namely, lions, rhinos, leopards, buffalos and elephants. Other animals, such as zebras, antelopes and bucks can also be seen during this thrilling game drive. To avoid the hassle of booking open 4/4 vehicle for a safari in the last minute, you can opt for our all-inclusive international wildlife holiday packages. Avifauna and Adventure Sports Apart from being home to diversified fauna, the national reserves also boast different floral species. While here, tourists can partake in adventure activities like birdwatching, hiking and trekking. You may explore the biodiversity of Europe and Asia to witness some rare and endangered species and try adventurous activities at the same time. Great Bustard, flamingoes and cranes are some common names in the bird sanctuaries of Europe. The rare bird species seen in Asian reserves include turacos, golden-breasted starling and hoopoe. International holiday destinations covered in Yatra’s diligently planned packages delight vacationers with a visit to numerous national reserves. A Soothing Stay Amidst Wilderness What a pleasing experience would it be to wake up to a view of a national park and being surrounded by a serene landscape! Besides strolling through dense forests and sanctuaries, you can enjoy a comfortable stay at forest lodges and resorts. With numerous options like birding and animal spotting from your room window, your stay in the green surroundings will be a memorable one. Yatra’s assiduously planned packages not only transport you to a fascinating world of majestic predators but also fill you with unforgettable memories of splendid sites and add a thrill quotient to your life.
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