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There are a few cities that can claim to be part of one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Travellers know that Egypt is a country that combines mystery, history and culture that is rich as well as old. If anyone wants to experience all this, then choosing a Luxor tour package would be perfect. While this destination might not be as publicised as the capital city of Cairo, it definitely has just as much to offer. The capital of Egypt, Luxor, has a charm and charisma that is beyond compare. Every corner of the city has something interesting to show and will definitely excite global tourists. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in this city are the Tomb of King Tutankhamun and stunning Temple Complexes at Karnak. While these places are still frequented by archaeologists, they make for ideal day tours for tourists as well. Tourists heading on a Luxor holiday would be interested to know that the city is actually divided into two parts. Since the Nile runs right through the city, there is an East Bank and a West Bank. Both sides offer completely different experiences; while the East Bank has become a modern city, the West Bank still remains mostly a home of the dead. On the West Bank, tourists will find several temples and tombs, all dedicated to kings and queens of the past.

The Valley of the Kings and the Valley of the Queens are places where kings and queens as well as members of the royal families were buried. Tombs of famous names of Egyptian history such as Nefertari and Tutankhamun can be found here. In addition, tourists can also visit Medinet Habu, which is the resting place of Ramesses III. However, the East Bank is not so morbid and encompasses numerous hotels, spas and even a golf course. Tourists opting for any one of the Luxor tour packages will get to enjoy cruises on Nile, which provide a chance to tourists to unwind and enjoy stunning views. The markets offer modern products, in a setting that is still old world. These are great places to pick up a few things to take home, or just relish the ambience. While most tourists limit their holiday in Egypt to Cairo and Alexandria, a vacation in Luxor should definitely be on all itineraries. No one should miss the chance to see a Necropolis, existing so harmoniously with a city full of life and a whole lot of other attractions.

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  • Fabulous  Egypt

    Customizable Tour | 7 Nights

    Cairo (1) Aswan (1) Nile Cruise (3) Luxor (1) Cairo (1)

    Fabulous Egypt

    Cairo (1) Aswan (1) Nile Cruise (3) Luxor (1) Cairo (1)
    Take a break from the maddening and crazy rigmarole of daily life and gift yourself a vacation this season. Visit the mesmeric country of Egypt, that sits on the African continent. Famous for its rustic and elegant history, during your seven-day long stint, you will visit Cairo, Aswan, Luxor. You also get to cruize over the Nile, the longest river in the world and visit some beautiful attractions like the Abu Simbel temples, the Philae Island in Aswan along with the ancient Luxor Temple that is sure to take you back in time. Marvel at the Pyramids of Giza along with the famous Perfume Factory. So get ready for a roller-coaster ride and pack your bags to see fabulous Egypt.
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