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Peru is all about soaring peaks and serene waters, mesmerising treks and ancient traditions. Officially the Republic of Peru, it is a fascinating country in western South America. Extremely bio-diverse, it has arid plains in the west, Andes mountains extending from its north to the southeast, and Amazon Basin rainforest along with Amazon River in the east. The country covers an area of 496, 255 Sq Km and has a population of over 31.2 million.

Lima, the capital of Peru, is located in the central coast and is the only province in the country. The pre-Inca period pyramids, museums, cultural centers and shopping malls attract tourists here. It has many beaches for sunbathing, swimming and fishing too. On the other hand, Cusco is the city known for its archaeological remains and colonial architecture. Then there is the absolutely must-visit, Machu Pichu - one of the seven wonders of the world - and a fascinating place to visit, replete with ancient citadels and cathedrals. Adventure seekers can hike the Inca-trail in the country or can spend a night camping at Lake Titicaca by the Andes mountains. Wandering the riotous forests of Amazon, or indulging in hiking, paragliding and mountaineering are other thrilling excursions that are very popular.

Peru is a multi-ethnic nation that comprises native Americans, Europeans, and Sub-Saharan Africans. Spanish, Quechua and Aymara are the official languages of the country. Peruvian culture is rooted primarily in Spanish and Amerindian traditions. Some popular festivals celebrated in the country include Fiesta del Inti Raymi, Semana Senta, Q’oyoriti and La Fiesta de la Marinera.

In culinary traditions of Peru, an influence of Spanish cuisine is dominantly seen. Slow-simmered stews, Ceviche with corn and chilli, and the amazing Amazonian chocolate put together a dazzling plate of flavours. The geographical diversity also brings in influences from African and Asian cuisines to the mix. You can explore a bounty of food markets in the cities of Peru. There are street side corners selling beef skewers. However, Peruvian Nouvelle cuisine is famous with those who love to splurge on fine dining.

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