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Yatra in the year 2011 made available train reservations on its website. It tied up with IRCTC to enable train reservations on its site, and has been successfully getting many bookings on its platform.

IRCTC is one of the busiest websites and by offering the same services on the Yatra platform, we achieved two objectives. Yatra was able to now offer a complete portfolio of travel options to its customers from flights, hotels, holiday packages, car rentals to train reservations. Secondly it gave customers a more seamless customer experience on its website, thus encouraging them to use the Yatra platform for train reservations.

Yatra offers all facilities for train reservations including IRCTC login on its site, which means besides booking the ticket online, you can search for trains and their routes, train schedules, check for seat availability and train fares. You can also get your PNR status, view your tickets, print or cancel tickets on the Yatra website. Along with online train reservations, the IRCTC Tatkal service is also available on the Yatra platform.

Yatra offers a dedicated phone line and email id to handle customer queries, so customers can reach out to a Yatra executive in case of any booking issues or related queries.

Train reservation is available on Android, giving customers further ease of use. Yatra with its high-end technology services and the Yatra app, enables a seamless train booking experience for its customers. Besides payments on Yatra are secured and hassle free. It is no wonder more and more people are logging on to Yatra to book their train tickets.

IRCTC translating into Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation is an offshoot of the Indian Railway, a platform where you can predominantly book your train tickets online aside from ordering your meals, plan your holidays, and book tourism packages.

IRCTC and what makes it the essence of Indian Railways

This subsidiary website of the Indian Railways churns out about 6 lakh bookings a day making it the second busiest website in the world. Not to mention, with a punchline like 'lifeline of the nation', you can't expect anything lesser. It all started with IRCTC opening up to online ticketing, cutting down the dependency on agents, middle-men, or the hassle of queuing up at a railway counter, and booking a quick ticket. With the advent of IRCTC, users have the luxury of time to browse trains of their liking, decide upon their budget, study the arrival and departure stations, and accordingly proceed with the booking. With the aid of an IRCTC login, users from across the country tap into Indian Railways wide network and browse for train availability, trains running between stations, subsequently going ahead to make an IRCTC online ticket booking.

IRCTC Train Booking

You can now book your train tickets on which has tied up with IRCTC to ensure a quick and easy railway booking. The platform makes it easy for you to complete the loop after you have booked your stay at a particular destination. Add to it, Yatra's expansive trains search console that makes zeroing on a train to your preferred destination a breeze. With elaborate filters to help you narrow down your train search, you end up saving a lot of time in making your IRCTC train booking.

How to make an IRCTC online booking with

  • To make an IRCTC booking, you need to click on Trains from the search menu.
  • Further on you need to enter your departure and arrival station, your date of departure and click 'search trains'.
  • The subsequent page will give you the choice of trains along with their departure and arrival timings and the duration of the journey. It also demarcates the various classes available on each train.
  • The left hand panel comprising multiple filters is to refine your search further. It lets you choose a station that is most convenient to you from the departure city. The same goes with the arrival city. You also have the option to modulate your departure and arrival timings.
  • Once you have applied the respective filters you shall get a search result basis that.
  • From the list of trains, select the one you prefer and choose the class whether 1A, 2A, 3A or SL (AC First Tier, AC Second Tier, AC Third Tier and Sleeper Class).
  • On selecting a particular train class, you get a table that shows the dates in a week for which this class is available. Choose the one that suits you the most and click 'book now'.
  • The subsequent window will give you the train number, train name, departure and arrival information. Simply click on 'continue'.
  • Further on, you need to log in with your IRCTC user id and say 'submit'. In case you do not have an IRCTC account, you can create one. Or for that matter if you have forgotten your IRCTC password, you are given the option to retrieve it.
  • Fill up the passenger details, need for a travel insurance among other information before clicking on 'continue'.
  • In the following page you can review your itinerary before proceeding to make your booking by entering your card details.
  • Your confirmed train ticket will be emailed to your registered id.

IRCTC Tatkal Booking Scheme

For those wanting to make their IRCTC train ticket booking on a short notice can opt for the Indian Railways Tatkal scheme under which they can make a booking, both online and offline (at the designate railway counter), a day ahead of the date of travel. The IRCTC ticket booking window opens at 10am one day before the journey for the air-conditioned coaches, and for booking a sleeper coach it is 11am.

IRCTC Live Train Status

The Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) website gives you the option to track your train in real time. The National Train Enquiry System page has a tab called 'spot your train' where you can carry out a search after entering your train name or number. And you will get all information on the distance covered by the train so far, the arrival and departure time at prominent stoppage stations, and an estimated arrival time at your desired destination.

IRCTC Waiting List Ticket

This means you have been issued a ticket on a train that is already running to capacity. But as and when passengers with confirmed tickets cancel their bookings your rank on the wait list keeps improving, consequently making it possible for you to get a confirmed ticket.

IRCTC Waiting Confirmation Chances

There is no guarantee whether or not a wait list IRCTC train ticket will get confirmed. It solely depends on the number cancellations that take place against confirmed tickets, and how that impacts your rank on the wait list. If it makes a significant difference to graduate you into the RAC list (with no confirmed or reserved berth) when the train's chart is prepared, you will at least be able to board the train. Of course you can SMS 139 to the Indian Railways from time to time to check the position of your wait listed ticket. However, on a unconfirmed wait list ticket at the time of preparing chart you can seek a full refund.


IRCTC UTS stands for Unreserved Ticketing System that lets passengers of the Indian Railways buy unreserved tickets through the UTS mobile app. This is best suited for daily commuters and commuters on a short notice. The purpose of the mobile application is to eliminate the need to queue up at a counter to purchase unreserved tickets and make the process wholly digital. So all you need to do is download the Unreserved Ticketing System app and book a paperless ticket between two stations. Not only does it help with booking an unreserved paper ticket, it also lets you collect one at any of the automatic ticket vending machines anywhere in the country. If you happen to lose internet connectivity while booking such a ticket, the app lets you access the ticket even on an offline mode. You can make your payment towards the ticket through the Indian Railway provided R-Wallet (Railway Wallet) so that the entire transaction is completed digitally. These unreserved tickets can be booked on a bunch of suburban lines as well as a few long-distance routes. For instance, you can use your unreserved ticket at stations in Chennai, Secunderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

Once you have downloaded the app, you need to register yourself, post which your R-Wallet is automatically created. You can now buy your unreserved ticket using this wallet and even recharge it as well by heading to the UTS mobile website. Additionally, the wallet can be recharged at any railway booking counter provided you do it in multiples of 100. Not to mention, you cannot recharge beyond INR 5000. Presently, you can buy platform tickets as well as journey and season tickets using this app. You can book your unreserved ticket only 15 metres away from the station. For journey tickets, the radius is 5 km from the starting station. While for platform tickets, the distance is 2 km from the departure station. However, these restrictions don't apply on the booking of season tickets. Of course, there is no provision of booking an advance ticket as the whole idea is to enable you to make your booking on the current journey date.

Your unreserved ticket is further sent to the app and you can use the 'show ticket' option to display the ticket at the time of checking. These tickets are not subject to cancellation and you need to commence your journey within an hour after the booking.


IRCTC FTR has simplified the online booking of railway coaches for special occasions such as marriage party or group tour through a Full Tariff Rate. As per Indian Railways, you can now book special trains, coaches and saloons on a Full Tariff Rate or FTR, which means they can be booked through a single window booking system on the IRCTC website.

You could be an individual, a party, the government or an agency and you have the provision to book trains or coaches or saloons through the FTR route on IRCTC. Here IRCTC will make the booking online on behalf of an individual or group. IRCTC also levies a facilitation charge of 5% of your total fare for booking these special trains or coaches. Indian Railway will prioritise the booking of these special coaches and saloons on FTR over reserving extra coaches in order to clear the passengers on a wait list. Make sure you do the registration of a special train at least one month ahead and not more than six months of your date of journey. In case you are making a registration for a duration shorter than one month, you would then require a special permission from the CPTM of the zonal railways. The security deposit for such a booking is INR 50,000 per coach, and in case of special trains, you will be charged for a minimum of 18 coaches. Not to mention, the whole transaction needs to be carried out only digitally.

Presently, FTR booking is allowed for journeys kicking off from the stations of the Western Railway Zone alone. You can complete the registration process on the IRCTC website or at the UTS counter of the journey starting station. At the time of booking, the individual or the party needs to provide the booking type, the route and details of coaches. Post registration you are provided with a reference number and a registration amount. You need to make the payment against the reference number and this will generate your FTR number. Indian Railways needs to receive the said payment within six days of making the registration.

In case you wish to cancel your FTR booking or the railways decides to revoke your booking, the refund shall be processed through a manual procedure involving the Chief Commercial Manager. A party can book a maximum of 10 coaches through FTR in a single train on a single tour. You can, however, book a maximum of 24 coaches of an FTR train including 2 SLR (Seating-cum-Luggage Rake) coaches. The registration sum for a coach for a period of one week is INR 50,000. If your journey extends any beyond seven days, you need to pay an additional INR 10,000 per day, per coach.

IRCTC Tourism As Your Holiday Planner

An offshoot of IRCTC Next Generation, the IRCTC tourism arm enables you to book special train-based packages, air travel, theme-based holidays, nature and sightseeing tours, and of course, its high-point, pilgrimage tours to all the key places of religious interest in the country. The site is known for its runaway hit programmes like the Bharat Darshan Special Tourist Train, also called, Ramayana Yatra. You can even view this detailed itinerary, the choice of trains, the inclusions in the package such as hotel stay and finalise your dates depending on the IRCTC availability.

Interesting Facts on IRCTC
  • The capacity of IRCTC Next Generation site is touted to be 7200 tickets every minute as opposed to the former 2000 ticket per minute.
  • IRCTC is perhaps Asia's greatest e-commerce site, clocking up a staggering 4 lakh bookings a day, leaving a certain Flipkart or Amazon far behind.
  • IRCTC was the most searched term on Google India in 2014.

IRCTC is your treasure trove for everything trains, and now holidays, and it makes perfect sense to register yourself, and become its active user.

Q. What are the IRCTC Ticket Booking guidelines during Unlock 1 from June 1 2020 ?

A: Here are the Booking Guidelines for Passengers during Unlock 1 from June 1 2020 -
  • The Trains will have both AC and NOn AC Classes. The General Coaches (GS) will also have reserved booking.No unreserved coach in the train.
  • Passengers can book online IRCTC train tickets through IRCTC website or Mobile App.
  • IRCTC also allowed passengers to book train tickets reservation counters, Common Service Centers(CSCs) and Ticketing agents.
  • The Advance Reservation Period (ARP) of all 230 Specials has been increased from 30 days to 120 days.
  • RAC and WL tickets will be available.
  • Booking of Tatkal ticket can be done from 29th June 2020 for journey date 30 June 2020 and onwards.
  • First chart shall be prepared at least 4 hours before scheduled departure and second chart shall be prepared at least 2 hours (unlike present practice of 30 minutes) before scheduled departure.

Q. What are the IRCTC Passengers guidelines during Unlock 1 from June 1 2020 ?

A: Here are the Booking Guidelines for Passengers during Unlock 1 from June 1 2020 -
  • All passengers must wear face covers/masks at the entry and during travel.
  • The passengers must reach the station 90 minutes in advance to facilitate thermal screening at the station. Only passengers who are found asymptomatic will be permitted to travel in the train.
  • Passengers shall observe social distancing.
  • On arrival the destination, the travelling passengers will have to adhere to such health protocols as are prescribed by the destination state/UT.

Q. How can I book my IRCTC train tickets on

A: Go to's Trains section. Enter your departure and arrival stations and the date of travel and search for trains. Go through the subsequent list of trains, their arrival and departure timings, the duration of the trip alongside the various classes on a train. Select your preferred train class, check for its availability on your dates and proceed. You further need to enter passenger details and login with your IRCTC user id. Review your itinerary and make the payment. Your confirmed e-ticket will be sent to your registered id.

Q. How can I change my user ID in Irctc?

A: You cannot change your username or login ID, i.e. you cannot reset the IRCTC login details to the respective email ID you registered. It is a one-time registration process and not possible to change the username.

Q. How can I print ticket from Irctc without login?

A: In case you do not want to login into IRCTC website, or simply don't have an IRCTC account, type in your PNR in the same way when you check the status of your reservation. Now go to the Print Page option, select Menu-> File-> Print.

Q. What is current booking in IRCTC?

A: Current booking is the booking against vacant accommodation after charting. Such a booking is allowed for both users and agents. However, it only allows for an e-ticket booking. Also, only confirmed tickets can be booked at current booking. Be mindful, Indian railways allows current booking only after charting within the existing booking time limit. You cannot change your boarding point in a current booking PNR, and you can't even make changes to your personal details like name, age and gender on a current booking PNR.

Q. How can I check my booking in IRCTC?

A: You need to login to the IRCTC NextGen website. After logging in, go to 'my account'. Further on click on 'my transactions'. The drop-down will give you the option of 'booked ticket history'. Here you can check the details of your booking on IRCTC.

Q. How can I recover my IRCTC password?

A: Head to the IRCTC website and select Login from the menu on the top right hand corner. The Login menu will open up. Click on 'forgot password'. Further on, it will ask you to enter your username and the Captcha code. Click 'next'. You will then receive an OTP on your registered mobile number as well as your registered email id. Now, you need to sign in again. Enter the IRCTC username followed by the OTP and the new password. Continue by confirming the password, and entering the new Captcha code. Login now with your new password.

Q. Can PNR get confirmed?

A: PNR is a unique 10-digit number issued electronically to every ticket holder of the Indian Railway. Translating into Passenger Name Record, your PNR comprises all information related to your booking status such as if your ticket is confirmed, whether it is on Waiting List (WL), or is it listed as Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC). Aside from this your PNR gives you details of your train's arrival and departure, the coach and seat number, and of course the payment made by the passenger. Go on Indian Railways maintained Centre of Railway Information Systems (CRIS) website, enter your PNR number and check the status, whether or not confirmed.

Q. How can I login in to IRCTC?

A: Open the IRCTC website and click on Login, mentioned at the top of the page. Key in your username and password and then type the Captcha code and click on 'sign in'. In case you can't see the Login option on top of the page, check the top extreme right hand corner for the menu panel. Click on it and the drop-down will give you the option to 'login'.

Q. How can I create an IRCTC id?

A: Go to the official home page of IRCTC. Under the Login box you will be able to see an option called 'sign up'. Click on it and an individual registration form will open up. It will ask you for a suggested user id, password, security question, security answer, preferred language, followed by personal details like name, gender, marital status, date of birth, occupation, Aadhaar card number, PAN card number, email id, mobile number, nationality, and finally your residential address. Click on 'submit'. Once you verify the account, your login details comprising your username and password will be sent to your email id. Then you need to enter the verification code sent to your mobile number and hit 'submit'. The registration process is now complete and you can login to your IRCTC account.

Q. How can I pay with IRCTC debit card?

A: The IRCTC has provided 7 gateways for accepting payments through debit and credit cards. The 7 gateways to accept digital payments include HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Citi Bank, Axis Bank, Paytm, ITZ Cash and PayU. You can even make your payment through an American Express card as well as with your Kotak Bank card. However, to maximise the benefits on your railway booking, you can apply for the SBI Railway Card, a credit card that comes with exclusive benefits for every railway ticket booked. From giving you SBI Railway Points to cashback benefits, it comes in handy if you are a frequent user of the Indian Railways services.

Q. What is TATKAL booking in IRCTC and how it is done?

A: The Indian Railways lets you book tickets on rather short notice through its Tatkal scheme. For a last-minute plan, you can make a Tatkal booking both online and offline (at the respective railway counter) one day prior to the date of travel. The IRCTC Tatkal booking window opens at 10:00 am a day ahead of the journey for air-conditioned coaches. If you want to book a sleeper coach, then login to IRCTC at 11:00 am. The Tatkal quota fills up very fast since there are fewer seats compared to the people vying for them. On busy routes in the high season, it could be difficult to land a Tatkal ticket.

Q. What is the maximum number of IRCTC train tickets one can book at a time?

A: Per PNR you can book six tickets for adults and two tickets for children. If your Aadhar is verified with IRCTC, you can generate 12 PNRs per month and in case it isn’t, then only six.

Q. What age is it compulsory to buy an IRCTC train ticket for children?

A: Children between the age of 5 and under 12 need to pay the full adult fare if they seek full separate berths at the time of reservation. However, if a child between the said age group does not seek full separate berth, he needs to pay only half the adult fare.

Q. What are the different quotas for IRCTC ticket booking?

A: The Indian Railways offers 19 kinds of quotas. These include:
1. GN - General Quota
2. LD - Ladies Quota
3. HO - Headquarters/high official Quota
4. DF - Defence Quota
5. PH - Parliament house Quota
6. FT - Foreign Tourist Quota
7. DP - Duty Pass Quota
8. TQ - Tatkal Quota
9. PT - Premium Tatkal Quota
10. SS - Female(above 45 years)/Senior Citizen/Travelling alone
11. HP - Physically Handicapped Quota
12. RE - Railway Employee Staff on Duty for the train
13. GNRS - General Quota Road Side
14. OS - Out Station
15. PQ - Pooled Quota
16. RC(RAC) - Reservation Against Cancellation
17. RS - Road Side
18. YU - Yuva
19. LB - Lower Berth

Q. What is TDR in IRCTC

A: A TDR refers to Ticket Deposit Receipt which is submitted to the Indian Railways to claim a refund in case the passenger couldn’t take the journey for one of the following reasons:
  • Train cancelled
  • Train late for more than 3 hours and passenger did not travel
  • Difference of fare in case proper coach not attached and passenger had to travel in lower class
  • AC failure
  • Excess fare charged by TTE
  • Party partially travelled
  • Passenger did not travel
  • Train diverted and passenger did not travel
  • Train diverted and did not touch boarding station
  • Train diverted and did not reach the destination station
  • Passenger did not travel due to ticket in RAC after chart preparation
  • Train terminated short of the destination
  • Party partially confirmed/waitlisted and the waitlisted passengers did not travel
  • Party partially confirmed/waitlisted and all passengers did not travel
  • Party could not cancel because the chart was prepared at originating or previous remote location
  • Change in reservation status from confirmed to waitlisted/part waitlisted/RAC after chart preparation
  • After charting no room provided
  • Difference of fare as passenger travelled in the lower class
IRCTC Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation
Tatkal booking scheme Booking train tickets on a short notice such as one day before the date of journey.
Maximum tickets bookable online in a month by a user Six
Maximum Tatkal tickets bookable online in a month by a user Four
Benefit of updating Aadhaar on Book 12 tickets instead of six in a month
Maximum tickets bookable in a day from a user id Two
IRCTC booking window timings under general quota 8 am to 10 am
IRCTC booking window timings under Tatka 10 am to 12 pm
Popular IRCTC tourism packages Bharat Darshan, North East Safari, Shirdi special, Dakshin Bharat Yatra, Shiv Hari Sai Darshan
IRCTC Wait List Tickets to a train that is already running full. Passenger cancellations can improve your chances of getting a confirmed ticket.
IRCTC FTR Full Tariff Rate lets you book special trains, saloons and coaches through a single window booking system
IRCTC Next Gen The revamped IRCTC website with added functionality
IRCTC Retiring Rooms Rooms available across railway stations that can be booked in case you have a long wait between trains.
IRCTC UTS Unreserved Ticketing System allows you to buy tickets on the very day of journey through the UTS mobile app.
Train running status The current status of a train, its actual departure time, distance covered so far and expected time of arrival
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